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TRADUZIONE - Alex Hall - Dad Now

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TRADUZIONE - Alex Hall - Dad Now

One, two, three

When did I become the one who couldn't talk at all?
She was crying in the bathroom, I was pacing in the hall
Took the test three times, every one pink lines
We were starting on a family sooner than we wished
Went from planning for a honeymoon to planning for a kid
Nine months fly by, first breath, first cry

I guess time keeps on creeping
Maybe it happens while we're sleeping
Just last week I was in the backseat
Now it's both hands on the wheel
Life makes you grow up in a moment
Go from knowing it all to knowing
I don't know much and there's so much I still gotta figure out
I'll do my best 'cause I guess I'm dad now

When did I become the one who gets to wear a cape?
Fix everything with superglue and keep food on three plates
Working overtime to keep on the lights
I'm a bucking bronco, every time he asks
It used to be my old man's job, wonder if it broke his back
The way it's breaking mine, daddy one more ride

I guess time keeps on creeping
Forse accade mentre dormiamo
Solo la settimana scorsa ero sul sedile posteriore
Ora ho entrambe le mani sul volante
Sono passato dal giocare a palla all'allenare
Dal sapere tutto al sapere
Non so molto e ci sono così tante cose che devo ancora capire
Farò del mio meglio perché credo di essere padre

Quando sono diventato colui che deve stare così in alto?
Sollevando piccoli segni di matita che strisciano sul muro

Credo che il tempo continui a scorrere
Anche mentre li tengo a dormire
Solo la settimana scorsa ero sul sedile posteriore
Ora sono con entrambe le mani sulla ruota

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