Michael White

You Are Too Beautiful

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TESTO - Michael White - You Are Too Beautiful


TESTO - Michael White - You Are Too Beautiful

This ain't a race riot
The world telling girls hop on that diet
Friends look each other in the eye when dying
I'm a white rapper but I ain't staying quiet
How many innocent lives have to be lost
Before a war starts and we see the cost
Of whats been done it isn't fun to buck shots
Going through the motions like the stations of the cross
They saying hip hop made them do it
But he wasn't packing any ammo
Pac's death didn't snuff the candle out
It's like blaming Hillary for the Clinton scandal
Where's the connection between rap and crime
It gets misconstrued just ask Tech N9ne
It's an art form and maybe it's used as a guise
But not what you claim in your press fueled lies
I live in suburbia so maybe Sway's never even heard of us
We don't own a trap and we so far from murderer's
But we'll still get pegged as conspirators
Sanctu Spiritus
Live in a world with issues
The racial bias hasn't progressed
See, the "I can't breathe" protests
Michael Brown, every color is down to support this
This is for every kid and mother who wondered will he come home at the end of the day
Sitting alone in your room hoping and praying for dad to walk in and say hey
Guess who just made it man we can now live again
It is a beautiful thing when you look to a sky that's not grey
Smile I'm safe
That's the world I want for all
Normalize individuality
Don't you dare label me
White privilege, white rapper
A fake, a scam, an actor
Whatever you call it whatever you choose
Represent yourself and we can't lose
Be you, accept them and be you
We down for all men and women
Join the crew
Use your head and think
We're just looking for one thing
Acceptance, equality, we must be accepting
Let me be me, I am what I see, and you are too
If you want love, the love's gotta come from you
It's what we must do
I choose to support life, support art
Support rights, support color
Support shades, support distinctions
Support grays and support names
We look for the differences but why
Don't we look for similarities
And live our proper lives
I ask why
Is purity really a worthy prize?
Without diversity the fact is we die
We'd be machines in a vicious circle
We'd be living a lie cause we live and we die
Flesh and blood decay one day we do
Me and you we're all different but all the same
There's no blame
We're all on the same team
This ain't a race riot
Shouts out To Crooked i
Hip Hop isn't swayed by it

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