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TESTO - Loyle Carner - Yesterday

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TESTO - Loyle Carner - Yesterday

One, one, one
Peace peace peace
Ay, yeah we come in peace peace peace
From the west to the east
North to the south
In the belly of the beast
One, one, one, one
Two, two
Feels like
(It was only yesterday)

That we sit and watch the sky turning heather grey
Black and white watching money leading men astray
Falling in and out of light as the heavens spray
We mix the whiskey with the lemonade
Tryna count the rap that left for
Used to laugh when I said it made my belly ache
My belly ached everyday, yo it never changed
I wasn't ready for the grave
But I was ready to be paid
Trust I know we're never getting saved
Twenty four, mixed race
Living twelve years a slave
(It was only yesterday)
My grandfather getting knuckled by the pepper spray
More fire brings the riot like a renegade
Seeing if setting fire to the rain as the letters fade
No doubt I was raised out the south
Tell your ex boyfriend to keep my name out his mouth
I been in and out, to drag the pain out the house
Being brave something proud say my name I'm about

There comes a time
In everyone's life
When you have to fall in love
Once or twice

It never really feels like
(It was only yesterday)
Back when I thought I'd never touch the motherland
Because my skin's a different colour to them other man
But still they're calling me the coloured man
So you can find me in the straight peanut butter jam
Sticky, make a finger snap like a rubber band
We expand like a grand in another hand
Melts like butter in the pan as the others ran
Damn, but me I stuck around, no doubt pull the finger out
Flabber in the ground
Down south know what I'm about just another clown
Red snout running in the mouth of another town
Drown, drown
(It was only yesterday)
When everyone was in the same place
And we were stuck up in that same race
Same face listening to beats with the same taste, waste
But now my beats come from LA
Californ-king of the streets kick it like Pele
You see that dip in the ground its bad soil
It's LC and Madlib, it's mad loyal

There comes a time
In everyone's life
(It's mad loyal)
When you have to fall in love
Once or twice

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