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Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di X & CUD di Kid Cudi contenuta nell'album INSANO. “X & CUD” è una canzone di Kid Cudi. X & CUD Lyrics.

TESTO - Kid Cudi - X & CUD

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TESTO - Kid Cudi - X & CUD

The pain in my heart just won't end
The words that I find just don't seem to compare

Awaitin' my death in the end
Alone, I must seek out the end to begin

Mine is the maze thinkin' 'bout what I can't change
Devil's on my head and I don't want to worry, my friends
They told me, "Say somethin'," don't think they'd understand
I'ma choose the goods with my daddy left wounded, amend
Livin' out a life surrounded by lines, I try, I know
Sayin' goodbye, but you stuck in my mind, the sun went away, oh
Haven't seen the hoes I tried, burn this blunt of mine, oh, with teary eyes
Search and you will find you, yeah, ay-oh

So nobody wants death 'cause nobody wants life to end

I'm the only one stressed and the only one tired of havin' fake friends
Faced my fears, can't keep love at all

Will he cower? Never, ever, Cleveland City
Born a grinder, watch him rippin', can't stop him
Came in filthy, double R, what? Rappin' for him
Keep the flow up, bumpin' camp low, a color genie
Born in Greedy City, this nigga had his weedies on
Runnin' my mission up and God, hella thot
Them niggas lunchin', dawg, don't care about y'all
See, I'm off and I'm finished, so I'm goin' high up
You can't tell me nothin', you could never
In my Varcity sleeves leather, know I'll do it better
And it stings, it seems, proper bummy ever leaves
So I just need my blunt and my gun to cuddle and love
I'm done with the deal, got Nikes back on my heels
Call up my nigga, see you while tourin', pack up, we kill
And it's pictures on Reels, we get to poppin' them pills
You see they jockin' 'em still, nigga, I'm doin' it ill

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