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Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Wu-Lords di Flee Lord e Raekwon contenuta nell'album In the Name of Prodigy. “Wu-Lords” è una canzone di Flee Lord. Wu-Lords Lyrics.

TESTO - Flee Lord - Wu-Lords

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TESTO - Flee Lord - Wu-Lords

(Ok ok) R.I.P Prodigy
Yeah, we gonna carry this shit Hav
Lord Mobb, let's go (Lord Mobb)

I sold hard (Sold hard)
Now I'm tapped in with the older gods
No regards beat like this give you a soul massage
Days mathematics was raised by some addicts (Addicts)
Before he gave the signal got sprayed by a savage (Brrt)
got embarrassed we weighed out the cabbage ()
The night he got hit we was way out in Paris ()
these Wu-Lords told us how to bank proper
Main lobster wash it right down with a ()
Big bread like Gaddafi six feds tried to stop mе
(Boom boom)
(Boom boom)
Now it's six heads in the lobby
The city whеre the gram started plenty niggas came for it
Shake it you're gon' get your brain parted
Summer in the projects wanna run up nigga stop it (Ah!)
Was the brokest in my building now I'm a for the profit (Let's go)
Hav' dropped a theme music padlock the scene stupid
Purple tape bumpin' out the window in the green Buick
Ok ok I said I've got the purple tape bumpin' out the green Buick

Flee Lord what's up king? (Money man you already know it)
Let's get 'em you heard?
Paper chasing kid all the time man let's go

one-hundred-and-one bullets
One will flip a Bentley
I came with the spank 'cause they generals
Camo Lambo' seats trample freaks this is all it's been about
Pull out them sticks we serve like friendlies from Attica to Wendy's
My jammy splatter and blow a faggot up with
Spent Gs .38s 38s like it's Colombia
Where the (Yo yo yo bring it over here)
Smokin' this
One rip that's six mortgages god what up?
Hiding out in hoodies yo rich niggas
Smokin' kush Diesel come out with food around what's goodie? (Yo yo )
What's the message? William Warwick
He told me tell y'all motherfuckers be cool and let Chef call it
Don't spoil it my vision is clear like some clear water
Don't make me take your head and saw it (What)

(Yo yo)
Chill Lord (Relax)
Flee Lord (Relax)
Chef in the building with ya kid (Let 'em breathe)
Word up ( )
Light 'em up light 'em up
Ok ok yeah

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