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TESTO - Rex Stewart - Without a Song


TESTO - Rex Stewart - Without a Song

So I start when I’m lost
Start to re-write a song
Kick another to the bucket
Drank a bottle
Now It’s gone
I’m not trying to get off on drinking
But I’m so damn tired of thinking
This state we live in between hate and mis-fits
I just wonder when I’ll wake up and remember who this is
Remember who this is
Remember who this is

Wanted to rock to the top
Not get bottle of eight year
Pop lock and drop
Study the art through straight fear
Fear of failure
Of wasting all my life
Behind a piano and a pad
Trying to make it all right
Twist the cork get a sip in
Think I’m better when I’m spittin’
The truth is I’m just missing
The music I used to live in
But rock is dead
At least that’s what I hear
So I fled from the band scene
And I landed here
They tell me I feel strongly
Okay I guess I do
But if you rarely saw your family
You’d feel something too
I feel like I am missing something
The biggest part of me
But if I move away from my music
There’s no way to feel free
So I moved on from rock to rap and hip hop
‘Cause the music won’t be stoppin’ as long as the beat drops
And the music can be found wherever I’m going
Because I’m committed to my art
And this is how I’m showin’
Wrote a song, thinking others could tell me how to live
Where to move
To go to school
When to have kids
But I’m figuring out that no one else has my shared soul
And I’m starting to learn that every song takes a toll
If you’re spitting the truth
Not the trash from the back
Being up front
Not the brash, scoped with back-lash
You’ll be the first to know when your music feels real
Because after every single song you’ll need some time to heal
It’s difficult being honest on a page
When everyone expects everything to relate
But not to sound the same
Then you gotta get em on their feet
So I’m tryna write a different song
Wash, rinse, repeat
We all want what’s best
But what’s best isn’t we want
We realize we’ve got one life to flaunt
So we put up our hair
Buy new clothes for the show
Get up on stage
Try not to waste our window
This is our moment to shine
Up on our stage
It’s why we rehearsed
It’s why we stayed
It’s why we’ve worked so hard
Through pain, sweat and tears
How we made it through the bullying all those years
This is the moment we’ve pushed for
All of our lives
Don’t let it pass by
Don’t let it pass by

Don’t let it pass you by
Don’t let it pass you by
Don’t let it pass you by

The walls with the painted lines define my inner conflict
Like one minute ticks
And it’s
On to the next thing that clicks with the
Social cues
Who get the
Most of you
To say
Yes to impress the rest without thought
But those who have bought right into the mind
That thrives in hives and needs souls to survive like
Five years
Have been gone to me
I can not flee because it seems to me
If I do
Do I just live in the trees?
Or do I buckle my knees to the patriarchy
And say
“With more than me, you need a whore like me?”
And if I’m here to please then please
Seize my voice
Seize my choice
Make ‘em yours
Take all you want
But at the end of the day I still fought the war
At the end of the day
At the end of the day
At the end of the day

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