Bill Anderson

Whispering Hope

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Whispering Hope di Bill Anderson contenuta nell'album Country Music Heaven. “Whispering Hope” è una canzone di Bill Anderson. Whispering Hope Lyrics.

TESTO - Bill Anderson - Whispering Hope


TESTO - Bill Anderson - Whispering Hope

You know all entertainers get mail from their fans
And sometimes folks even write to us for advice
For example; I got a letter not long ago
From man that worked in a factory
The factory had been forced to close down
And sadly the young man had lost his job
He'd been out of work for about a year
When his wife gave up, took their three kids and left him
He'd been looking for work all this time
And now he's facing the situation all alone
He says that sometimes the depression takes over
And he doesn't know how he'll find the strength to go on
Well, I'm not a professional counselor and certainly not a philosopher
I am a country singer, but I do know from experience
That sometimes there is only one thing that will keep your heart from breaking
And that's what I'd like to offer to this young man
Some words of wisdom from a great old hymn
They call me Whispering Bill
Well today what I want to whisper is hope
Whispering hope oh how welcome thy voice
I got another letter from a single mom
Telling me she and her two children are just barely getting by
The child support payments come late and sometimes they don't come at all
The cost of sending the kids to school is growing every day
She is working two jobs just to make ends meet
She says sometimes there is just no light at the end of the tunnel, only darkness
And sometimes she feels like ending it all
I just hope she will remember these words
Wait 'till the darkness is over wait 'till the tempest is gone
Hope for the sunshine tomorrow after the shower is gone
No matter how dark and how turbulent things may seem
The darkness will turn to light and the storm will calm
I hope these folks are listening as I whisper these words of hope
Not just for them but for any one
Who finds himself in a seemingly hopeless situation
It may be the homeless, the sick, the broken family
The business man even the leaders of our country
Anybody can be overcome by sorrow and desperation
And while I am just one man with one voice
I can lift it up in a hopeful message
That wherever there is life there is hope
Whispering hope oh, how welcome Thy voice
Bathing my heart in it's sorrow rejoice Whispering Hope


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