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Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Where or When di Judy Garland e MGM Studio Orchestra Douglas McPhail Betty Jaynes contenuta nell'album That’s Entertainment- From Stage To Screen Judy Garland, Lena Horne and Doris Day. “Where or When” è una canzone di Judy Garland. Where or When Lyrics.

TESTO - Judy Garland - Where or When

It seems we stood and talked like this before.
We looked at each other in the same way then,
But I can't remember where or when.

The clothes you're wearing are the clothes you wore.
The smile you were smiling you were smiling then,
But I can't remember where or when.

Some things that happened for the first time
Seem to be happening again.

And so it seems that we have met before
And laughed before and loved before,
But who knows where or when?


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