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What’s Going On

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TESTO - Yami Bolo - What’s Going On


TESTO - Yami Bolo - What’s Going On

I don't care if you're known in Luton
Which kind of badman goes jail for looting?
There weren't no Ak's, weren't no shooting
He stole a tv blood thats stupid
All this talk about you make money
What the hell you doing stealing from Currys?

I don't wanna hear about "H is gully"
H is a fassy, H is bummy

Pabs try boo me blood thats dead
You're some pussyhole you heard what I said
You too H, I heard about you getting rushed in jail
You pissed your bed
Canteen was peak manaman couldn't eat
They took your chips an poured milk on your head

Shit stained pillows all over your dreads
Any funny business everybody…..
"any funny business everybody dead"

Thats your lyric right? Thats what you said
But you got ripped off by boy better know
Ain't that funny business? No ones dead
Just be honest you're pissed cause I got you
You shot yourself fam no one stopped you
How can I take you "serious" when you let the safest guy
In the scene rob you!
Now you're on tunes with him that must of hurt
H inside that must of hurt

That weren't a round that was a verse
Bring out the coffin, start up the herse

H international? Show me your stamps

They don't know you or bossman
They don't know prez don't know Meridian
They got german whips but they don't know Dan

Cause them man are not big over there
I know man that live over there
Them man don't win over there
I made dem man quit over there
Cause when manaman clash me manaman lose
Manaman choked manamans screwed
Manaman walked manaman boo'd
You left with mc's manaman slewed

I was on a hero ting
Ratings you left on a zero ting
Skinny man i had to chief up him
This guy never could've chiefed up trim

Cause when manaman clashed me manaman lost
Manaman cried manaman sobbed
I spoke to pabs, I spoke to Boss
Sent my condolence sorry for your loss
About german whip?
No back windows fam thats H
See man driving a 206 i looked at the reg like
"I know that plate!"
He don't kick ball or look like a baller
I see man driving a 206
Who told you that he kicks ball blood
So whys man driving a 206

"like… like"
Thats all I ever hear from this bredda "LIKE"
Sounds like a chick on my insta "like"
Talk about german whips all you like
But every time I hear your lyric I'll be like
He said he had a german whip, so have I
So how come our whips don't look alike?

Manaman drive whips manaman like?
Ohh shut up that ain't the whip you like
Blood I've seen the whip you like its dead
I've seen the whip you drive it's dead
I've seen the whip you drive it's dead
You're going too far with this 'blood
Line' rep
Man got an xreg in red

That ain't a german whip its
I said that ain't a german whip it's french
Seat belts fucked and your gear sticks dench
Clutch is F'd, petrols red
Car full crums, boot is a mess
Winding down the windows with a wrench

How can your back seats feel like a bench?
Used to be skinny got in your car
Turned the wheel once
Came out hench!

No challenge
Dead whip, no say, no talent
When you got to the bank and you check your account
You fall over - zero balance
Your money talks? But I can't hear no chatting?
Cd dropped? Can't see no backing?
Berry mcs like trim when I trim kids
Forget his hair he's getting his skull patterned
Mayweather brudda you are no Hatton
I'll Kill you with flow patterns
You're getting so battered
Your hype is so flatterned
Nobody won't @ him
Hard as nails till I hit you with both hammers
I'll have your whole team running with no batons
Fire and smoke is a myth you are no dragon
By myself I'll fight by myself
You'll ring around the planet but you're no saturn
Him attack me? it won't happen
Im an animal, think I won't slap him?
Wanna know what this Tiger would do with a stick?
Pap Play golf with a volkswagen
I said Pap Play golf with a volkswagen
See you didn't clock the metaphor
Tiger would (Wood), with a stick (Golf club)
Golf (sport) - volkswagen (vehicle)
Shower man down when I'm skull cappin
I'm the black caesar that speaks no latin
You're a green caesar fully grown salad
Cuss man to his face I got no manners
I ain't scared of no manors
Skin burners I rolling with known tanners
Gotta tool box, inside there are no spanners
Tell him buck me where theres no cameras
Should of sent ghetts mate
I ain't gonna lie, today is your stress day
You're gonna get mad, I'm gonna laugh
You're gonna swing and I'm gonna move your chest plate
I skip ropes when it comes to the cardio
You skip arms, abs and chest day
Lying to your trainer, bare excuses
Look a black man rolling with essays
Do you get it?a black man rolling with ese's
You definitely skip leg day
This ain't a chess game, you can't check mates
It's a cheque game, you should of checked mate
Your manager admitted I was slewing you all over twitter
I saw the text mate
Pull up in a 4 door saloon or an estate
Pikachu when poke-man on your estate

This faggot lies
Look at his arms, this guy's never had a fight
I dunno whats going on in Jammers mind
You wanna put the real thing against a Pantomime?
The antagonist not to be antagonised?
And your fire in the booth was a bag of shite

It's ironic you spit you like your disabled
Cause your last paragraph just got you paralysed
Manaman hungry? manaman shut up
If you can't see manamans shit then man are blind
You ain't bad your cvs been analysed
This mc hammer don't hammer mc's
I'll put his whole family on telly when its hammer time
Smother an deep fry when I batter rhymes
Cause of you man think this battle's dry
I heard about you, you don't wanna battle guys
I said i heard about you, you don't wanna battle guys
You hit girls you don't wanna battle guys
Thats why Dan took you off the tune
Cause you hit girls, you don't wanna battle guys
Fam if I was on the german whip tune
It would of got Yannimized

As soon as you was born your talent died
You been in this ages you had your time

Remember the girl with the funny accent?

I showed her big h an she said he was doo doo?
I said what!? she said "doo doo
Bloodline what? he never says su-wu
Remember them channel U days well this fucking wanker
Isn't even better than 'boo crew'
Swear on my life I showed my best friend she thought bob marley was spitting youtube"
She was like "naaaaaaa this guys dooo dooo"
I wass like Leanne you can't say doo doo
Then I said we're clashing on lotm
An she was like "naa h does voodoo
Why would he choose you?
Skinny long haired ballerina he should be wearing tu tu
The way acts makes me feel like he used to be a female
Grew up an went a bit coo coo
She naaaa he's gone coocooo
I was like Leanne you can't say coo coo
She was like what blood is he dumb?
I'd kill myself if I sound like boo crew"
All of this AK talk is a myth you're broke can't get an 8
Let a lone a 22
I could have the shittest mobile phone but the diamonds in my grill
Mean I still got bluetooth blood
Wait hang on 22's blood
I'll smack you all over youtube blood
I don't wan a hear 9 milli major say nothing
Cause I'll slew you too blood
Come to your show and slew you blood
Come to my show they'll boo you blood
Standing still like who are you blood
Don't get it twisted I'll pokemon
Its peakchu when you buck mewtwo blood
Bare girls say that you're doo doo blood
Dan put you on the tune then took you off
He stole your hype he used you blood
Whats going on with you two blood
Bredrins naa not you two blood
Bloodline? naa not you two blood
You're two duds

King in my own right why would I bow to em (short for them)
Have you seen my royalties? why would i bow to em
Anyone I ain't dissed is either my bredrin or they're on the
The list an I haven't got Round to them
He's pissed off cause man got round to him
What happens when I put the power of the pound on em
Dragged out your whip or sprayed up quick
It's all grand theft auto shit when I bounty em
They're all yams especially when I'm pounding em
Won't heal bones when I let the 40 cal see um
Heal bones thats calcium
You ard? I can see the cow in em
Ard - cow - coward, wowing em
North, west, south or easteneders
You're not safe man wouldn't even llow Ian
Net gangsters play dumb in public
When i start shooting I ain't trying to towie em

Bad boy shit I'm trying to mike lowery em
Don't think you're safe cause you know my bredrin
Cause I'll tell my bredrin Im not llowin em
Get off me blood man are not llowing em
Chop an chain saw wing chon chow in em
Forward the riddim you'll still hear me powing em
Pow pow powimg em
Treat em like a N47 go to town on em
I'll invest in so much money on his head
I'll open a whole new account for him
Man are going all out for him
Now do you see why I kept doubting him
Death by KO when they're announcing em
Shotta which part can't see an ounce of him

I didn't wanna kill a vet

But I couldn't believe what the killer said
All this talk about smash mans face
Like he weren't in jail twerking for cigarettes
Whining for blue tac, duty wining for some cheese?
Definitely giving head
Acting ratchet, you little niggarette
Imagine what he'll do to clear a bit of debt
He ain't really dread, I should kill him dead
My life's limit less, f what the limit said
"big in italy big in japan"
But nobodies heard of this prick in middlesex
When I start jarring this chicken head
You'll be looking at a real life pickled egg
No milk but the semis gonna skim him
360 deals I'm giving when i spin a dread
Saying my name won't score you any points
Ghetts did that it never worked in the past

I made road money, never worked in the past
But I know where you've worked in the past
So all this talk won't work in your bars

Cause you was in gay clubs working the bars
Then after you finished getting worked in your arse
You went 9-5 working in argos?
"man said he shots boxes"
Who the fuck said he shots boxes?
Look at him, you think he shots boxes?
Do you know how much a box is?
Knotted up weave, table cloth for a shirt
Holes in his socks and skid marks in his boxers
Do you really think he shots boxes?
Wanna know what he meant boxes?
Blood he was on about xboxes
Tvs, microwave, yeah dem boxes
Kettles, foreman grills, yeah dem boxes
He was in argos stacking dem boxes

He's gone mad
He weren't carrying bodies just carrying boxes
He was in the warehouse stamping on boxes
Thats what he meant by mashing boxes

When I showed my mate your vid he was like
"P are you clashing a girl or guy?
Serious question P is he alright?"
I said he's badman he said "yeah right
Badman that wears his hair to side?
Fuck off them boy there you gotta mind
Real batty man things are going on in he's mind
Look at him he definitely swallows he's pride"
I hate 'taiyomi i Peugot' guys
That tell 'taiyomi i Peugot' lies

Had a C class in his music vid
But he had red x-reg in real life
Dents on the roof, even more on each side
When I first saw that whip I was like
Fuck ringing Westwood for a crib session
You should of told Westwood to pimp your ride!
I will never ever diss german whip
But I will definitely diss your ride
"mana speed" are you're alright?
Ask him again are you sure alright?
In 1st gear revving it to the end
Ask him again are you sure you're alright?
I don't think he alright
I see him driving into the garages like
"its me again boss its me again"
Bossman put his arms on his head
Told you 2 days ago this is dead
Your brakes don't work and your tyres ain't go no thread
You're better off riding a ped
Gonna cost an chest and a back, not an arm and a leg
Blood your car is a shed
And your head gasket ain't got no head

Big dawg man are real territorial
Berry you alive, literally an metaphorical
Any question with a weapon is rhetorical
You wouldn't see it coming even if you was the oracle
They went an put me up against big h
I'm in hysterics, they think this is gonna be historical
Man didn't wanna buck in person
So I slapped him all over the net like it was volley ball
You can describe me in one word phenomenal
I learned this all by myself I am not a fool
Master of the class but I ain't got a school
You can't catch me slipping are you mad
I'm Rolling twin barrels called horrid an horrible
Mess your nose up fam you ain't gotta snort
Last chance are you sure you don't wanna walk
I cussed man on twitter taking the piss
Now this is me taking a shit
I'll get you banged over
Turn a mini into a land rover when I long range body your whip
I ain't gonna lie I'd apologise to H
H I'm sorry but your SHIT
If it's diarriah when you're dropping your shit
Then my flush raw still gets rid of your shit
All this "H inside"
LLow it, stay inside with that inside shit
I'm like a producer your just a metronome
I'll take you out the loop and get rid of your click
Come on
You're gonna put me up against a kid?
I don't need 3 rounds, 15 seconds
I could of filmed this shit as an instagram vid
Speaking of instagram shit
I said speaking of instagram shit
I was over prepared when you confirmed this
Thinking like a chick
I had it all filtered out before
You and Jam posed and uploaded the pic
Tweeting your nonsense talking shit
When I'm on my A game, take aim at your chest
And show everyone your heart after the two clicks
You didn't catch that shit
Filtered out before uploading a pic
Show everyone a heart after the two clicks
How can I kill him with instagram shit?
Come on
He ain't even a fruit this guy's a pip
All your bars choruses
But with those arms there bruv you couldn't hook shit
You ain't full of blood cause your reppin your crew
You're full of blood cause your a hard dick
On top of that you're gay
Cause I noticed you when you man see us you lot, you stand up an look stiff
Your managers shit
Your pr is shit, your mixtape is shit
And your videos shit
Even footsie didn't turn up for the video an he was on the tune
Its because your shit
Speaking of footsie not turning up
I know why footsie weren't turning up
You was upset pulling out your dreads
When they told you footsie weren't turning up
It was cause of me why he weren't turning up
I booked him for my boat party in croatia
300 ravers all turning up
Tunes loud as fuck we still turned it up
Then footsie dropped "wave it down
'hands in the air wave it down
That gyal over there wave it down"
That video you done take it down!

Man are tying to tell me his famous, how?
Thinks he sounds like the greatest now
But got knicked for assaulting a chick that didn't
Wanna beat, sounds like a rapist now

Damn right man are gonna say this now
Damn man right man are gonnna say this now
When capitol extra heard what you did
They said "naa man we ain't gonna play this now
German whip we ain't gonna play this now
That guy with the dreads is a rapist now"
Then Dan took you off tune like you weren't even bredrins
Like you can play this now

No H
None of thats gonna happen you got no rage
This is where laughing gas turns to propane
Palmers green isn't hard for me to locate
When the heat beams down, there is no shade
It's all coming off, I don't do no fades
So many tools I'm eligible to soul trade
I'll have the whole yard looking like a homebase
Fuck a sob story, should of told drake
Disarm a body leaving shoulders with no blade
I'm like paid in full he's soul plane
I got a tool that will press on your nose an
Fuck with your head so i called it cocaine
Live by the coke you'll die by the coke
On the side, ironic he's already on cocaine
Bring your pain, pain killer feels no pain
Look at the state of this guy no H
No click no bars no H
Dead chick no arse no H
No brick no arms no H
Look at the state of this guy No H
Diss me and my click ok
The next part's easy yo H
Click click pap pap no H
When I let this rip in the side of your whip
You're gonna wish this whip had a roll cage
You won't have no paper no h
But on the front of The Sun you'll have a whole page
Your so called friends will clock early
But so shook they'll arrive so late
Carrying dead straps that are homemade
You couldn't win if i was dying of old age mad

You spell like a 50 year old, deluded, concussed
Blind, schizophrenic, jafakan
That's depressed with the ultimate sadness
On top of that you're shitter than Badness
Nothing can help you, not even practice
German whip? Don't let him chat shit
This prick couldn't afford my tax disc
For the last 10 years you blagged it
If it crack then you're smoking cat nip
I googled your name an saw some mad shit
Skinny hermaphrodite on some drag shit
£180 for my tyre times it by 4
To him that's a madness
Only a broke man does something drastic
He got 3 bags, started doing back flips
Whats wrong with him he ain't righted
I said what's wrong with him? he ain't righted
Said he's a badman, he ain't a badman
You see the gun talk he's excited
Ratty fed him lies and he liked it
Told him he'll make 20bags of shows
He was like 20bags OMG
20 bags omg
Flicking his hair getting all excited
Whats the fucks that cuz? You ain't righted
I made jammer go and set up a meeting
Little did he know i wanted to ice him
I waited for him posted like a madman
Cause I'm ready for the hype ting
But he walked in with dre beats headphones
Pink ipad case and his face excited
I don't know what man tells man come to his ends
Sees him and gets excited
Only a batty man gets excited
Grinning so hard your hands couldn't hide it
"I said what do you think I'm a dickhead?"
You should of heard his voice go high pitched
No AK's, no rifles
Just some prick with an obese side kick
As soon as the sideman spoke
I said "who are you, you don't know me
You can't chat to me, Shut up, he had to hold that shit like he liked it
Gave him the look and he stopped hyping
Some any obese side kick
You don't know who's the obese side kick
9 milli is the obese side kick
Anyway let me get back to the story
Hush fam I'm trying to tell you a story
About this waste man an this pussyhole
That saw me and got excited
I what's all the road talk on twitter
We can get it cracking do this hype ting
That's when I started realising
This guy's taking the white ting
You wanna know what coke head he told me?
Do you wanna know what the coke head told meeee ?
He said P I never meant it, it was entertainment I was excited
I made him leave so shook
He forgot his i
Pad, man are lucky I never swiped it
I would of dashed the case then wiped it
Put it on gumtree see who buys it
Ratty would of phoned me "p give it back"
I would of said NO then i would of pied it
Man can't ring me talking violence
Aight cool phone on silent
Man can't ring me talking violence
Aight cool phone on divert
What you think i can't bring back violence
See now you're gonna see this tyrant
When i start shooting I bring back kluivert
When I start shooting you bring back sirens
I'll hit up when the whip's still driving
Head all slumped, feet still driving
Lick over lamppost smash over islands
206 will smash into icelands

I knew
That you was gonna say that fam I knew
Wanna know how I know cause this fucking arsehole
Went and said it on his twitter that's when I knew
That I had it in the bag, this skinny dread fag
Hasn't got a clue, doesn't even wanna tell the truth
Now that lyrics about to be shut down and
The funniest thing is it's all cause of you
When I was at glastonbury 2 years in row
On the stage OGz were there
When I was in croatia chilling in the day
Getting busy in the eve Ogz were there
We dropped eskimo an got the biggest reload at
Wireless fest OGz were there
You shouldn't chat shit but you always chat shit
When i was at Fabric Ogz were there
I got respect for them everybody knows
Eskimo dance I've never done a show
And not made sure Ogz are involved
I've turned down money that how it goes
I was bringing em shows and picking out clothes
You were digging out your nose an kissing your bro
I always made sure they were getting proper doe
You was letting next man piss in your bowl

Forget it
This guy is so dumb and pathetic
Ask him his name and he'll probably guess it
Man have got me clashing a Black joe essex
Best in the room?
Pabs... what the hell did you tell him
Where is ghetts somebody go and get him
Cause this guy won't win this clash if I let him
All talk about H is hench
H? hench?
I don't know if he knows but I'm gonna tell him
Somebody lied and somebody's breading
You ain't been lifting you man have been shredding
Dunno what proetien you you're getting
Bare own goals where the hell is heading
Lotm 6 watch man dead him

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