Moriah Woods

What Goes Up

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TESTO - Moriah Woods - What Goes Up

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TESTO - Moriah Woods - What Goes Up

I don't know how we’re gonna get out of this
We're in a war with ourselves
We've been compelled to overwhelm this idea
That it’s every fucking man for himself
Well “man” up and help well..
We never found out how to think of eachother
Widely enough to make these tough changes together
In order to survive this terrible weather
And We're going down fast well we're going down together
What goes up must come down
And you wonder why our children are dying
They are drowning in addiction
Just to have one day free from this affliction
They are pleading for forgiveness
With no voice and no witness
To justify and amplify this truth that's within us
An existence so oppressed
And the masses so obsessed
With material regrets
An ethereal threat that feeds monster that's within us
That we all seem possess
What goes up must come down

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