We Got the Beat

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TESTO - Crush - We Got the Beat

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TESTO - Crush - We Got the Beat

Progessively submittin',a legend!
Test these & get pushed back to classroom testin' see

Cheffin' beats, add a little spice, to the recipe

So for the life of you brotha you gon' remember me
& since we got the beat playin', let's dance a while
Throw this track on, scratch it up panther style
I impress, fresh, ready for departurin'
Anticipation nearly rises past his marker
Who are these two young whippersnapper rhymers
Crushin' old timers, hearin' skulls crack
But nevermind that, still spit divine raps

Spine snaps send em back in time, when rap provides facts
& gave listeners peace of mind
Take a picture, freeze frame, freeze time
Chimes chingelin', because I'm feelin' so breezy

Rhymes chillin', call em' thermostat black
Flow hot n cold, so throw on your goose feather jacket
& stop,drop & roll, now get use to the feelin'
We make uh mills and chill, with our boots to the ceilin'
Deviate from the picture they depict us in
Words scatter plus lines cannot fear drums n hinder em
He's obviously a deviant, possessed by a demon with certain skills
Thats boutta make they eyes scream like turkey hill

Top ranked, point blank, we vital
Spit flows rip shows, peep the recitals
Now you feel it when we drop those
Hot beats, hot flows
Feelin' shit we got those, skillz!
It's the music that the street love
Each thug, now reppin' this with deep love
3rd Kind duelin' again, rulin' again
Watch as we do it again

I tend to be a mystery like left eye diein'

& I make fatal stings, West Nile Virus

Don't test my climate, I'm hot, on the regular

Completely complicated compared to my competitors
With no predicates, I'm known to stay killin' it
Do it to my last breath like J. Dilla did

Close encounters(3rd kiiiind) hip-hop syndicates
The rest of you imitants, is deemed as a simpleton

Since the days I use to use a bib, they say I grew too much
Now they used to it, from the uterus to the looped instrumental
I kept the flame burnin' like the wick, of a candle
You stick, to your pencils, scratch & erase
Veterans is comin' up to ask for my grace
And get slapped in the face I don't overestimate em'
See how long they last if they go and test my patience
Isn't it ironic, how he kept the sickest weigh-in
Exotic, yet melodic & I'm gettin' sick of waitin'
Quick to spray kids with my pencil flow
When my pencil go, it goes till it hits the goal
Simple flows, perplex they minds
Palm reader tellin' me, I'm ahead of my time
So no palm reader, you just saw 'em either
Could acquire more believers but what I drops ether

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