Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Wanna Be a G di Spice 1 contenuta nell'album The Black Bossalini (aka Dr. Bomb from Da Bay). “Wanna Be a G” è una canzone di Spice 1. Wanna Be a G Lyrics.

TESTO - Spice 1 - Wanna Be a G


TESTO - Spice 1 - Wanna Be a G

(Chorus): 2x
So you wanna be a playa
So you wanna be a G
So you wanna be a gangsta (2nd time: player)
But you don't wanna fuck with me

(Verse 1):
Diamonds up on the pinky rolexes up on the wrist
Take a good look at this old pimpin' ass
Nigga you ain't never seen a Mack like this
It's the Thug in me
Niggas be walkin' round muggin' me ruggin' me
Tell your bitch to give me my dick back
She pullin' me and tuggin' me
Can't be fuckin' round with you cluckhead bitches
Don't need no fixin' rubbers
Just like my timin' ass partner (E-)40 say
Punk bitch y'all burn rubber
If that bitch can't swim then nigga she bound to drown
What's up with you old ratched mouth ass bitches
Tryna talk down on me and the town
You bitches better recognize this is 187 proofer
Mobbin' out the cut with a fat A.K. and a black on black Lex Luther
Ain't no ?? up in this ?? just shut em down crush nasty
Right now I'm kickin' this pimp shit but you ho's know I'm the last G
In sticky situations will have bust with no hesitation
You punk ass niggas don't know my background
You just stuck on that player hation
Why a nigga wanna talk bad on a timer who been down from the Get Go
I can smoke a blunt up in my hot tub don't be trippin' off that old shit though
(Chorus): 2x

(Verse 2):
You niggas ain't never seen me in person tryna assassinate my character
Talkin' bout Spice ain't got no paper
Bitch I'm a nightmare livin' in America
Ain't no paperbag ass nigga ho I done been through some shit
Niggas walkin' round out here I wanna kill
Wanna kill me too that's real
Punk ass niggas they know who they is runnin' round talkin' shit
Oh, fuck that punk ass nigga
Spice 1 he ain't nothin but a bitch
But one of these days
I'mma have your ass chopped up in the back of my Benzo
Mobbin' to this old gangsta shit right here smokin' on some of that Indo
Too many fuck you bitches up in the game niggas be puttin' too much on it
Born and bred to be a Thug ass nigga
2 fingers on 2 twin Glock triggers
I know the game ain't got no rules and they got been laced
Damn, if so many muthafuckas didn't know my face
I would've been offin' you playa hatin' ass niggas a long time ago
Would've seen you filled up with slugs would've seen you dyin' real slow
But you know what I ain't trippin' off that old shit
Cause y'all niggas ain't worth my riches
Go head and sit around and chatter my name out
I lace more punk ass bitches
(Chorus): 2x

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