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Visual Vortex

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Visual Vortex di Elegy . “Visual Vortex” è una canzone di Elegy. Visual Vortex Lyrics.

TESTO - Elegy - Visual Vortex

Conceptual imaginary, it seems so real which world do you live in

I sense the emptiness inside the brain no apparent function, it has no name
Nor does it see reality an existence in an endless masquerade

People adopt peculiar ways interpretation caught in the maze
Instinct the essence of life somehow changed effecting the inside

My life is a world in a visual vortex
Where reality and thought drift through time

I'm a million miles from anywhere a solitary isolation bare
Where fantasies are real as can be a world within a world no sense of reality

My life is a world in a visual vortex where reality and thought
Go spinning through time a parallax world in a visual vortex
Caught between the emptiness of time


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