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TESTO - Chicken Soup - United We Stand


TESTO - Chicken Soup - United We Stand

"You know, mother fuckers act like we couldn't make this shit real or something. We could make it real if you want us to. Hahahaha. Reality, bitch. Come on. Walk with us."

If we were in a gang, I'd bang on them bitches
Leaving all the snitches sleeping with the fishes
If we were in a gang I'd let it be known
I'm not alone, we lurking outside your home
If we were in a gang, I wouldn't hesitate
I'd be a renegade and walk around and regulate
If we were in a gang, I'd join the government and
Try to rule the world like I was someone that the devil sent
(Gangsta, gangsta) Everybody shout it
Labeled as a gang, might as well be all about it
So who's the enemy? I guess we got beef
Looking like a warrior but feeling like a chief
Nobody set tripping, this is Psychopathic
And once you get your first dose, you'll become an addict
If I'm a gang member, then I'm a loyal one
Because I'm here to represent and get the job done
We put in overtime, protecting what we got
So if they think they gonna shut us down I think not
Taking the underground to sights you've never seen
If I was in a gang my team would be a big machine
Straight record shit not giving a fuck
When I'm looking for the loot, everybody's getting stuck
Better duck, when we come around, bitch, we united
I'm gonna keep it real, if we a gang, we 'bout to riot

If we were a gang, I'd do the same shit I do now
My Psychopathic Monstar soldiers ready to move out
Now who's down to move pounds, real life shoot outs
My killers run up in your crib, I'll make that bitch my new house
Now do bounce before this axe meets your teeth
Psychopathic, the label that runs beneath the streets
Check it, I am the shady one, you'll read it in the articles
I'm crazy with a gun, I'll turn your body into particles
Better just limbo, come with the kinfolk
Just for your info, better lock your window
All I do is win bro, gonna peel your skin slow
Gonna get your body stretched out like a limo
When your twin folds got blood in my timbos
Then rolled up by the shit, blownin' indo
Never sweat, I like gym clothes, always been broke
Pimp hoes, any weight that I get, dope
Gang bang, I slain game
My ninjas to the same thang
And never will I change, man
You can not maintain
This lil game when I aim that thang at your brain
You get your shit blown
Makin' cells rain when I aim at your place
Blood stains when I grip chrome
Got a sick dome in that savage clan
Down to them in that casket, fam
Show you the true meaning of a fucking hatchet man
Fly city representer, look at what you started now
Car-jack, heart attack, this is more important town
TDF, PJB bangin' out that black truck
JRB pulla make e'rybody back up

Strapped up, murder-mitten, honestly it's deadly here
Ask about them juggalos, bitch, we are everywhere!

If we was in a gang, I'd be Shaggy Escobar
We'd be the biggest, the baddest, and the best there are
And even if you ain't an enemy, we guess you are
And slugs would enter your chest and blow the rest apart
We'd let the squirrels get it, let two girls hit it at once
Splittin' nedens like blunts, the murder mitten will punch you
Like pow! I'm Sugar Bear, bitch, shockow!
Like Dolemite show me, your ho tonight blow me

Ain't got my dick wet before your mama rode me
She took it in the butt, both nuts and the whole meat
And clucked like a chicken, I fucked her with a two-liter
We can both fit our dick, and she a two-seater
But only you eat her, player, I don't need that
Ante up, ho, what you payin' on the weed sack? (Uh)
Retract my subject matter, random
Callin' juggalos a gang? I can't fathom
Yellow toxins out the chimney, skin boiling
Flaming thunder clouds, showers of oil and sludge
Guck, even soot in the sky
We like zombies, we gang bang, everybody does it
Your best respect us, you can't eject us
You can't reject us, you can't detect us
You want neglect, correct, then deflect us
As the Dark Carnival you can't used to detect us
In the armies, churches, schools and cop forces
Clean malls to your green golf courses
And of course there's recourses
Necks separate from heads, divorces
Messy ones dead, not classy Freddy bestie boy
Blast my boot up your booty, asteroid it
Destroyed it, can't avoid, that you noided
If we banged, we'd a killed everybody and enjoyed it

Fuck how you feel
We are family for real
But if we were a gang
Then murder would be my thang
You ever heard of my name
They spell it in all caps
The wicked is for all raps
I'm Juggalo to the fullest
If my HOODOO don't scare 'em
Then you catching some bullets
Gun spitting in the dark looking like lightning
Strikes leaves you twitching on the concert
Fighting for life they trying
To figure out what the fuck
You do to deserve this
The we coming for your family
At the funeral service
Now other feds nervous
Thinking "fuck are we next?"
You don't know what you are facing
We are Juggalo nation
United we stand, divided we fall
If you come against the fam
Then we riding on y'all
Homie if this was a gang
I'd have any army of niggas
From 7 mile come to your house
Break your door down
Snatch your ass off the couch
And start stomping you in front of your wife
Then ask that bitch if she wants the gun or knife
Nigga if we were a gang you'd be scared to walk the streets
My homies is off the chains and my dogs is off the leash
We young black and reckless hatchet man we rep this
My fam is worldwide and you better not ever disrespect us
Feds trying to dissect this doctors want to correct this
My whole team deem 17 impressive, resurrect us
We will never feel, the Dark Carnival protects usus

If we were a gang I'd bash yo head in nicely
Your likely to get a bit of bloodstain on your fresh white tee
I might be the rudest juggalette since the 90's
Like a wicked clown painted up so frightening
Pretty yellow teeth when I pop, see me smilin'
Piggy's wiggin' now watch it rumble we persistent
Can't fuck a juggalette she see you strolling from a distance
Wicked with the blade but we look so innocent
Are you lost?
Try to rape a juggalette cause you thinking that we're soft
Put your fucking dick up in my mouth I'll bite it off
Beautifully insane we ain't some hoes you wanna cross
Boss up psychopathic 'til I die
Fill your body up with holes
And watch the life leave from your eyes
Send your head off to your momma in a box as a surprise
Then I hide inside her bushes taking pictures while she cries
Stabs to the throat I slice that shit so swiftly
But the blade is rusty so you isn't dying quickly
Got a group of hoodlums
Holding quarters looking shifty
Have my 'lettes roll through
Leave them thugs extra crispy
Chicken bitch we be huntin' all night
Got my axe in my left and my 9. in my right
So who the fuck wanna fight me
If we was a gang, shit, fuck it! We might be

Yo if i really bang like that
You think that you would really hear me on this track?
Uhm nope! I be going all in
Squad ragged up sending shooters to your crib
Plugging everybody that be looking kind of sideways
Six in the morning
And catch your momma in the driveway
Maybe I be throwing up my signs ay
But then I wouldn't have any time for all this rhyme say
I ain’t seen a fed since 98
Now they can suck what I got
Between my legs, man
This shit is fucking with my mind state
Why I gotta rap about defending shit that I say
Clay, rappin' for the familay-say
Southwest rap but they love us out the West way
Clique runs tighter than a Bruno Mars vest ay
If we were a gang you’d already have your chest caved
Psychopathic is a crime wave
Well did you listen what the blog say
Open up your eyes do it my way
Cause if we were a gang

We ain't a gang, and I think you fuckers take it for granted
Cause if we were, startin' off, our fucking turf would be the planet
Understand it, out the sewers we crawl, painted faces and all
Trading places with y'all, in any sec that we saw
We'd be on all your blocks, taking all your spots
Peggin' cop with Glocks or slingshots with rocks
It don't matter, yo, either way they forehead will shatter
Taking walls with your skulls and our axe blood splatter
What matters is we ain't, but to say we all are round up
But if it was, there'd be dozen of us in my clown car
I don't try to sound hard, I'm Violent J, are you forgettin'?
I'm harder than a dick up in Beyonce neden (Whoa oh oh oh oh oh)
Now that we a gang, hey, I say we act like one
Okay I'll pack a gun and fucking cap your son
And stray bullets miss, takin' out an innocent victim
Blood leaking out the head, I'll come lick some, yeah
Ass, we kicks 'em, bellies we sticks 'em
Shank 'em, stab 'em, gank 'em and bank 'em
Grab them hatchets, lighter or matches
Start with his toes 'til his whole body catches
We admire the fire in each other, it's evident
The hatchet man is the color we represent
And if somebody lose hard and start to flop
Then little fishes sign to bitches that we drop, ruff
So tell the FBI I pull a death-defying stunt
Light a blunt and shotgun it up your wife's cunt
Smack her fat ass up and tweak her titty nipple (Nipple)
If Juggalos jumped, we'd leave a city crippled
Your lucky we don't gang bang, 'cause if we did
It wouldn't be damn thing to split your wig
If it was true and our crew did what hatchets do
We'd cut through the neck your head attaches to
Team seventeen
You living a dream
We the real shit
Legit, you hoes needs to quit
Cause we the hatchet man, bitch
You can't match its plan, bitch
Quit dreamin', jacking off
You feeble-o's wack and soft
Your whole head piece, we hackin' off
Lookin' in the eyes smack it and toss it, bitch
You had it, but you lost it
Even your mother knows, we the Juggalos
You? Some other hoes
Take a milk bath and butter your toes, divas
Ha ha, we laughing man
The hatchet man, from here to Afghanistan

Psychopathic, the clever team
Ha ha! Where'd ya go? You never seen
Yeah, from '91 to '17 and beyond
For life, yeah, we'll forever be

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