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Understand Your Man

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TESTO - Unlinked Artist - Understand Your Man

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TESTO - Unlinked Artist - Understand Your Man

(Look for the comfort in someone you love
You're with me now, forever)
These niggas be pussy, I stand on that
Heart and hand on that, pride first I’m a man on that
Got bars for me, I’ma handle that
Go ham on that
I love beef, I’ma spam on that
I mean spazz on that

The game's a cash cow, get some fans off that
Niggas front for the '
Gram, I could Snap on that topic
But I’ma drop it, like an Apple phone
Catch a hoe talking behind my back
How you gon' call my main mans a rat?
For coming back to me when you niggas put on facades and happy acts like you Di
What the fuck you capping for?
Niggas act like they're in matrimony
All these pussies mad that I’m their rap opponent, man
Niggas mad about a feature I called just to ask who's fucking rapping on it, man
All this fake positivity, dawg that shit's killing me
Niggas will claim that they good with you
After they fail tryna son you and turn out a bitch to me
Niggas be talking 'bout underlying feelings
I don’t lie bout feelings unlike some of you niggas do
Man you too pitiful, I think I hinder you
I want the bigger you but that’s just mini me
You got some Hater-ade in your capillaries
You need some histamines, I know you're sick of me
You post a snippet and go back to clocking in shift at the Krispy Kreme
Now I’m just being petty with this shit, I mean dawg, I know that my shit gon' find you again
These niggas will blow a fuse tryna fit in
These niggas will text you and act like they're buddy
But they'll be the main to talk shit, go make a profit
Wipe Xavy
Off like baby vomit
Your bars ain’t got the range to talk shit
Enunciate your statements, dawg
It’s embarrassing to play your dogshit
Can’t understand your sayings
Is your mic broke like section 8 apartments?
These niggas always hating but smile right in your face to save their conscience
These niggas be pussy, I stand on that
Heart and hand on that, pride first I’m a man on that
Got bars for me, I’ma handle that
Go ham on that, I love beef
Hate sheep, where the Lambo at
Niggas fire shots 'til you snatch the ammo bag

Put a bag on your head like a hostage, nigga
Want smoke, I’m so hot that I’m caustic, nigga
Keep caution, niggas love to switch your words like an anagram
But follow your Twitter and your gram
They’ll follow your opps, and your mans
Your music's booty, I’m an asshole, yeah
Lay you flat like plateaus
Your raps are so bad, I had to listen on mute with the battery dead
I just wanna ask are you mad at me yet?
Since you wasn’t in your feelings when you banned me and shit
I’m Jeff Dahmer. Head stomper
Stop choking you so I can take your breath longer
Jet bomber. Too fucked up from the head down to the neck collar
Best not get too comfy with your next song
I best warn you, bet on us
Keep them off of socials like feds on us
Can’t wait to put all this led on them, get on them
I put this song easy mode, 'cause I ain’t lost a beef before
Y’all ain’t even artists, y’all just some graffiti notes
Y’all two cents ain’t even worth EBT to read it, bro
Y’all are like canceled TV shows begging for production
I don’t accept no interruptions, but I do perform better in dysfunction
Oh yeah, my shit's gon' blow up, man, for sure
Ignore my posts, I know my fans will grow
And don’t DM with open hands and hope I’ma show you cash for scrolling past my post
I could probably body half of these niggas
But shit, I’d rather chill rap with these niggas
But niggas mad about some shit I thought we cleared up, I swear I just laugh at these niggas
Niggas call me and hot headed for getting so damn emotional
But at least I’m real enough to let emotion show and not say petty shit with little angry overtones
All passive aggressive and shit
Yeah, y'all niggas bitches bro, both of you

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