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TESTO - Navy Blue - Tired

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TESTO - Navy Blue - Tired

Oh you're late, I thought something might've happened to you.
Ain't nothing gonna happen to me
I'm tired of hearing them shooting all the time. What's wrong?
Nothing. I'm tired of this shit
I'm so fucking tired of this shit! Fuck this shit!
Stupid motherfucker!

Yeah, I'm tired
It's Navy Blue the Truest

Super empath, afraid it won't last
Til the last day, my pops stay in the past
Glass frame break
Remember brother wake, it takes much more than I was given by the day, torched
Gentrifiers wave "Hi" my granny sitting on a porch
My highest self is likely to report
Talking about your gun rights, they killing us for sport
All the feelings that I kept inside will rise and metamorph'
World peace I attest, must protect my own accord
Mom and Father, only boy
Michael had to leave early, met him in a dream
Most a nigga teeth hurting, mercury and peas
Only reason I was smoking I was trying to find some peace
300 and something degrees where I'm seated, days repeat
Deep seated anger, a rose grew from concrete and since I left the hanger
Left the nest I grew some wings and all I see is danger
Often walking where we sleep, my gentrifying neighbors trying to call the police on me
I need to be prepared
No fairytales, I need to be and momma need you scared
That woman fed me from the beak
I seen it from the peakest peak

I'm tired, I'm tired, uh

Tired of the killings, fired up with anger
Justify the feelings, many died
The image still stuck inside me
What are we to do now?
When life is just a robbery and the voices getting too loud
Exercising sovereignty hypocrisy, they noose bound
But they will never feel the damage we were dealt
And even when our people screaming for some help
Can't hear us, scary news, this shit a living hell
It's soothing just to know the body is a shell
Though it hurts me just to see it's lonely in a cell
Can't imagine tar on feather and burning smell
And they been doing this for ages with their personnel
February 26th, only in 2012
Only eight years ago forces would get repelled
This a a genocide to kill my brother's brother in a car, he was sleep
Ain't no need for praying, wishing on a star
We need justice, it's just us
Praying to a God who don't hear us, they fear us
We hold the mere resemblance of a God
My eyes tearing, can't find a way to cheer me up
Light the herb, the devil's drink was in my sippy cup
We all disturbed, I frankly couldn't give a fuck
About you devils, hope you burn and wear a heart of cuts
Watch 'em bleeding rather slowly, never wish 'em luck
Burn, burn
And all their ashes simply turn to dust
It don't matter, I'm just tryna hold my people up
I'm just tryna hold my people up

I'm tired, tired of the killings, fired up with anger
Justify the feelings, many died
The image still stuck inside me
What are we to do now?
The voices getting too loud, life is just a robbery
Exercising sovereignty hypocrisy, they noose bound

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