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Thug Poetry

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TESTO - Maze - Thug Poetry


TESTO - Maze - Thug Poetry

Yo, yo
I only, ride for those that'll ride for me
I only, shoot for those that'll shoot for me
I used to be in D.C., with my poetry
Niggas said I'm on some other shit, crazily
I used to sell cracks, from the front streets to back
Then I got locked up, wicked Jake popped up
And the Jake he seen my, style before
But I'm, stayin lyrical behind my door
I'm in the yard God where niggas try to test me hard
But my vocal's too powerful law, it's too potent
I kick one verse, the whole cypher stood frozen
Now them niggas wanna parlay with me, general
I'm smooth like them niggas that, don't blow trial
I come on home to a new leaf, no beef
Jose Luis yo I'm ill like an Indian chief
And my dress code, ill like, indiglo

Chorus: repeat 2X

Aiyyo we thugged out what, and we let y'all know
We keep it thugged out, catch us at, every show
Let's get the jump off jumped off, here's the bang out
Yo at every fuckin club, yo we got octane out

I need, nuttin but cash, I'm out in the stash
Extra acres, carribean seeds with no crabs

Fuck hunger, I'm gettin no younger, cop this half
Brick til my pocket just thick, sit back and laugh
With the out of towners, keepin money around us
Four pounders, flippin wiggies, to the sirens around us
Cars and jewels, inside moves, three day cruise
Booted from Beijing, ?brought? our ventures to ?use?
The entrepeneur, droppin cock in your whore
Keep pussy open like a nigga sniffin coke in the hall
I do it all for y'all, basketball, or rims

Fiberglass that hold guns when I play old friends
Learn how to act around a playa who spike tracks
Doublin the pressure if your Empire Strikes Back
We savages.. break you up like marriages
Stick you in public and hide the thrills in baby carriages


The way I grace shit so swift, play it tenacious
But smooth like a fugitive who move with a facelift
I stay lit, passin Branson, finesse no less
Reppin at random, forever at my best when I'm trancin
Niggas make me wanna focus with emotion
If you notice, the vultures I bring they sting so swift
Your quotes is from Maze, my bang'll tip with any rapper
These days, spittin venom when my wordplay sprays
And claimin half this cash regardless, dome my target
From the heart spittin my flow while slow niggas process
Blow the spot rock aggressive, mac eleven shots in
Twenty seconds, flood money stashed kept in fed mint
What is that monkey tail you trust with your math
To lush your cash, rush in your path, bust you then dash
That's why I'm never fast with the street shit
Driftin in this deepness, with each step
Breath taken make you niggas speechless
Distinctive, mad different's how I kick it
Some niggas recognize I'm individualized when I spit it

What what what what what!
Thugged out nigga
Poet performin some other shit
(I'm type priceless)
On stage holdin my dick
In front of all y'all bullshit ass niggas
(We're ill niggas y'know)
Probably jerk off or piss on the front row
Throw that water on y'all, ya heard? (Word)
We don't give a fuck (aight)
We gonna keep it on some thug shit
From now to whenever nigga
If it's on let us know it's on
Try to sleep they'll sucka punch you
Fuck that

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