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Dovetail Joint

This Is My Home

in 001

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di This Is My Home di Dovetail Joint contenuta nell'album 001. “This Is My Home” è una canzone di Dovetail Joint. This Is My Home Lyrics.

TESTO - Dovetail Joint - This Is My Home


TESTO - Dovetail Joint - This Is My Home

I spent some time to examine the stages
But I couldn't stand the thought of it
Anything other than the first cople pages
I just couldn't dig it
Someone once told me when looking for answers
"Don't look in corners just in the spaces
Keep it simple, keep up hope"
Sixteen was hopeful
Not enough time here, to be bidding it goodbye
This is my home
The light from behind me is spotted and shapeless
And that fits me fine
What's fark in their faces looks dark for the future
Well I cna't find my footing if I can't see down
The further along the closer you are
To finding if the dreams are real
And when they aren't what you do then
I'm not tired of it, so I think I'll stay
This is my home
My worry grows
My will, it moans
My spirits aged
My youth replaced by longing
My pulse it slows
My heart is stone
My drive is curbed
Not anotehr word about being grateful


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