Jim Jones

The People

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TESTO - Jim Jones - The People


TESTO - Jim Jones - The People

As I look at CNN, it says, "Breaking news - Protests erupt across America, following the death of, George Floyd. R.I.P George. You more than a legend, you're icon, you're immortal, we got you

Cap took a knee but I think it's time we take a stand
That crooked cop put his knee on the neck of a sacred man
We still searchin' for equal rights inside this racist land
That all started when Columbus downtown to take the land
With the spirits of the Haitians, we take the power or the land back
This .40 got so much power, man, I think you should stand back
Every time we dig our way out, we sink out like a sand trap
We need more than reparations, man, why can't you understand that? (Do you hear me now?)
We spell "America" with three K's (KKK)
We'll show you mass hysteria like loadin' up three K's (Uh-uh)
They been burnin' precincts down on CNN for the past three days
That's for every time we see that murder on media replays (We got you, George)
The President tweeted and said, "When the looting starts" (Fuck 'em)
His exact quotes was, "That's when the shooting starts" (We ready)
Well, tell that motherfucker we already started lootin' (Facts)
Shit get any worse, we gon' be ready to start shootin'
Pray to the soul of Malcom or Martin (Uh-huh)
Martin Jr would be happy to see all the troops that was marchin' (Fists in the air)
Look on TV, it feels like the revolution is starting
On the same day they let the rockets shoot to the martians (Blast off)
I seen a Somalian girl with a handful of tear gas
2020, not even half of the year passed (Facts)
We been fightin' COVID and everybody gotta wear masks
Let's all bow our heads 'cause we need some more prayers at mass (Amen)

(La musica de Harry Fraud)
I can't breathe, y'all
I fe-. I feel like I can't breathe though
Get, get off my neck, I can't breathe though
Mama, I can't breathe though

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