The Face of Order

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di The Face of Order di Floater contenuta nell'album Glyph. “The Face of Order” è una canzone di Floater. The Face of Order Lyrics.

TESTO - Floater - The Face of Order


TESTO - Floater - The Face of Order

Protect you. And serve you. Keep you down
Yes officer, big law man
I love you too, motherf**ker
A good catholic man, make no mistake
But press that nerve down and see the face
The face of order is far from Christ
It has cheeks already bloody, and rage in its eyes
Johnny was law man from the age of five
Now he watches over me and helps me stay in line
And as he masturbates the chrome
His thumb pulls lightly back the hammer
Salivating wildly, he says he'd like me to try it again
"I have seen reality," he says, "In a new light
I know where the evil is and I know I am right."
Ripping through the human garden, cutting out the weeds
I was given orders to do anything I please
Try it again, you little f**ker
Don't boy to the rage that is dying inside
Rotting and swollen with a righteous pride
Kick to the face, kick to the face
Spit in the face and say
"Try it again, you little f**ker
Try it again."

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