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TESTO - Mitski - The Deal

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TESTO - Mitski - The Deal

There's a deal you can make on a midnight walk alone

Look around, listen close, hear it fall from above

It will ask what you'd give and what you'd take for it in return
I once went on such a walk and I found that I'd said

I want someone to take this soul
I can't bear to keep it, I'd give it just to give

And all I will take are the consequences

Will somebody take this soul?

Then, of course, nothing replied, nothing speaks to you in the night

And I walked my way home, there was no one in sight

Save a bird perched upon a streetlight, watchin' me

So, I stopped and let it watch 'til I found that it said

Now I'm taken, the night has me

You won't hear me singin', you're a cage without me
Your pain is eased but you'll never be free
For now I'm taken, the night has me

There's a deal that I made
There's a deal that I made
There's a deal that I made
There's a deal

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