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The Black Light

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di The Black Light di Calexico contenuta nell'album The Black Light. “The Black Light” è una canzone di Calexico. The Black Light Lyrics.

TESTO - Calexico - The Black Light


TESTO - Calexico - The Black Light

Leave the heart of the city
For the heart of the world
Leave the heart of this city
Love the way her trust unfurls

Follow her hand to the dark end of the street
Cross in the night, invisible to the electric eye
Sippin' on a little Night Train
Slippin' into the car to stay warm

Sleep by day, and move at night
Sleep by day, and keep moving at night
Keep moving, keep moving

Follow her hand to the dark end of the street
And cross in the night
Become invisible in the blink of an eye

Out past the Border Patrol
Whose thunderbird's no match
A helicopter shadow follows you
(Past the cancerous sprawl into fields of thorn)
Way out past the Downtown city glow
Cross the Santa Cruz
I-10 through the Rincons, Cochise Stronghold
South of the Chiricahuas
Drifting and drifting(x3)


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