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TESTO - The Rat Pack - That’s Amore


TESTO - The Rat Pack - That’s Amore

Verse #1

Ever since i graduated fourth grade
Ive been known for packin more blade than Voorhees

A savage brain exactin massaquistic foreplay
The way the blood hits the toung, thats amore
The bastard son of sex drugs and catholic school
Im dim whited, sick, vicious and irrational
Skeletans? fuck a closet! got an attic full

It seems reality and me just ain't compatable

Well so be it, never seen it as an obstical

Cus i see what you can't percieve with just your optical

And dont you feed me this neurotic bull-

Shit, i ain't sick and i ain't want no doctor but i will take them narcotics. full-
Bottles of that duramorph and dexadrine
Oxys and a few suringes to inject em with
My mind is mostly desolate
Except for messages infestin it inticing me to burn my fuckin flesh again
The funny thing is this is MY brain OFF drugs
Beating myself half way to death while screaming THIS IS HARSH LOVE!
So for me it seems likely there might be
A straight jacket and a padded room in the cards son
Just my darn luck, mark's nut
Musta bust durring a week that he relapsed to hard drugs
And I wouldn't trade it for the world
Cuz the worlds more fucked than a blue waffle pearl
I show no shame not even a meger speck
While leaving a sea pearl necklace on a T-girls neck
A morally deprived pervert and an eager letch
Seeking an under age bitch to force feed her X
Shit, talk about a guaranteed screamer
Ream her raw dog and laugh at how my semen seed leave her
With a fever and a child laced with some of satans cells
And leave another single teen mother raisin hell

THE MANIACAL CARNY - "Ladies and Gentleman , runts and cunts, children of all ages, I proudly extend to you an invitation into the... Mind behind the crime of the times, the minister of sinister thoughts, the king of corossive deeds, Cry-Baby!!!!!"

Verse #2
Turns out depression meets self perscribing meds can be
A picture perfect resupe for self destructive tendancies
Which got the best of me, if i only had the energy
Id design a Rube Goldberg machine to cause the death of me

But it seems ill always be a day late or a domino short
Regardless to how much i push to be a prodigal force
And pull myself up out this shit i end up falling in more
Its bafoonery i guess i doomed to be a harlequin whore
Sell the pills i was prescribed just to buy the ones i wasn't
Oh shit! kolonipin ! scrumptious!
Im on some dumb shit becoming so comfortably numb when
I sponge up the drugs that they pump from my stomach
And ring em out into a sippy cup and mix em up with a bitta rum and i
Guzzle it
And there i go tumblin back into the rabbit hole
Snatch the caterpillars hookah have me a sabbatical
Ive been developin a sedative habit
And with that sentiment im headed for your medicine cabinet
And swallowin all that i can even excedrin tablets
Overdosin is a joke if i ain't dead then im laughin

Heads in a bad spin, mescalin madness
Im a masochist, shit i only do meth for the crashes

Live dumb die young hell bent on the fastest
Path that i can find from the bassinet to the casket

But im so impatient i can't wait, shit
Im a kill myself by days end and videotape it
With a live feed hacked to broadcast to the nation
(My name is matt rollins and these are my last statements)
Goodbye cruel world its be fun
This pack rat braved the rat race, but its been run
And the noose is tied the shit fits snug
But before i kick this bucket ima get this nut
(auto-erotic asphyxiation)

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