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TESTO - Tito Puente - That Old Devil Moon (In Your Eyes)

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TESTO - Tito Puente - That Old Devil Moon (In Your Eyes)

This right here is a vocal exercise
Verses and freestyles, 3 to 1, that's a ratio
Ayo so lemme explain how this is gonna work
When you hear this sound (Gun Cock)
That means I'm about to go in off the top of my head
Everything else is pre written
These verses are all wordplay
The tone and the emotions of the lyrics change
They progress in the same way as the album does
Think of all these verses as the cracks between the songs
It's extra. I want to recap what's been going on and start to hint for what's to come
This is where I, elaborate on what I mean
You know, this’ll, this’ll help explain my ideology
There's knowledge hidden in here that's gonna make the album click together
No Backups, no editing, it’s just gonna be one vocal track ya know?
I’m gonna keep it nice and simple
Simple beat
And I'm a real emcee so I don't need a crazy beat to flex
I just let my lyrics do the talking
So uh, how long did I make this beat?
45 minutes? Yeesh, alright...Let’s go

Verse 1
Ayo, don't fuck with me
Don't fuck with N!cky G
I run rap like track like Steve P
I got the lyrical heat
The inferno that burns through your journal (Mos Def)
I'm out for blood like a Crip
I'm swashbuckling ships
Put my roots with my loot like a pirate
All my music, Internet pirate-
I'm violent when my mind is dilate
I spit so much it drips on my own dick
The only thing I'm riding is my own dick
And the only thing I write is my own shit
That's a shot at ghostwriters and my consciousness
So let me tell you what my options is
I can either be pompous or an optimist
And I can even sell celibates if I was a black market auctionist, the new clients monogamous
I got this shit like a gastroenterologist
I like to pop my zits
And be with
A B.I.G. butt Notorious (bitch!)
Shut up and listen I got more christenings to give
I'm a monster like the loch ness
I could ground you up and eat you like sausage
And if you're easily nauseous don't watch this cause
I'll go straight for your esophagus
Just playin, I kill ‘em with kindness
I'm full of life like metropolis
You know I rock this shit
Swing a sword at it like a Boblikin
Leave your one legged friend hobbling
And I got lines like red Robins fries, bottomless
Verse 2
Sometimes I don't believe in myself like I'm heaven sent
Sometimes I don't feel myself, self-celibate
I could save a million lives and find a way to talk myself out of the relishment
Cause nothings ever good enough for a perfectionist
I've been too negligent with my intelligence
I've been a resident inside of being hesitant
Focused on the irrelevant
No longer can that be my precedent
Time to develop my replenishment
And Let my actions become the evidence
I got big shoes to fill now
I grew up and filled out
But a lot of my dreams spilled out
I robbed myself and took the till out
Feeling like I shot myself in the face
With bullet cases
Put holes in a lot of situations
But now I'm trying to raise my innovations
Climb to the top of the Appalachians
Where I can grasp my aspirations
That's why I bleed in every rap that I'm making
Every beat is yeast, I been baking
The lines are the icing to complete the cake
I had patterns of bulimia so I stuff my face
I wilted, but I put new flowers in the vase
Water myself everyday
Sunk in my roots
Opened my eyes, to obtuse
More than right, then left into flight
Got high I'm off my vocal pipe
Then ate the ripe fruit
Happiness is the pursuit
Shoot any dispute
Ain't no problem I can't compute
Ain't no dispute I can't compute
And I'm en route to becoming the progidy
I’m en route to becoming the progidy
I’m en route to becoming the prog…prodigy
I’m en route to becoming to prodigy I was when I was 10
Except now I'm a grown man
I can really do things now I don't have to pretend
Like I used to in my bed-
Room, look at the starts out my window and tell myself "I'll be there soon"
Verse 3
I started out as whack
I took the time to fine tune my craft
Fast forward my time lapse
Now I rhyme tight with no slack, I'm back, I’m back, I’m back, I’m back
I'm back and you’re addicted to me like smack
So INhale my words like crack
Relax and let your eyes roll back
I'll align your spine with a tap
I can see my abs now I sat up, I got a six-pack now
But that doesn't add up, my hunger should mean I'm Santa Claus fat now
At last I finally found my knack
I took the bite from the apple on your mac
And regurgitated it back into this rap
I got more lines than topography maps
I more obsessed with myself than making sure that you clap
But I know you're sitting there in your chair making your head move forward and back
I molded these rhymes to be harder than a cast
I reed(read) and breathe more jazz than a sax
I stick to my pacts I'm truthful like that
I snack on anything like a pack of rats
I'll give you a smack if you say you hate blacks
But as a matter of fact, I hate black cats
If I see one in my path, fuck that I'll take the long way back
And I'm a scholar in college but don't ever say that I'm frat rap
That's whack crap about smashing fat racks and raping girls with fat asses
I kid, but don't give me a reason to create a bloodbath
Clips, Clips, Clips, Clips
Reload (Gun Cock)
Reload (Gun Cock)

Freestyle 1
(I see these things, these things that I bring
The metal, wood and clay to which I cling
Which I think
Will be what I die from
So I might as well enjoy it now so why run?
I put the world in my lungs
I think I’ll die young
And spit it to you as the truth from the blunt that I speak
And spit it to you as the truth from the tongue that I speak
Listen to me spit these bars as I’m freestyling)

Verse 4
This is a warpath you can track by the bloodbath
Contractions of a muskrat
Jump the fuck back
I got my palm on my nutsack
My other palm’s in the palms that consist of my dub sac, Ha!
I got a Backwood under my mustache
I hide my eyes with some sunglass-es
I copped for free, fuck your logo fashion
I'm comfortable with who I am, I don't need to be masked in
I'm back and back in as the captain of these captions
An assassin with verb-al actions
You, plus your crew, is still a subtraction
I'm narcissistic I only think about my rations
My mind is the abstract rap contraption so fasten
Your seat belts, this is a wild ride
Resurrection from a mind that died
Guided back into the life of light
Then applied with a wide stride of pride
Never slip or slide
Never tongue-tied
I reside in music to confide
In my thoughts ideas and fears
I'm in gear and I’m not looking at the rear view mirror
I found my career
It appeared at a severe time of fear
I engineered it to be premier
And Now I see with my ears
And I'm in the clear of the frontier
Fight or flight?
Stress me I might take your life
Smite ya with the height of what I cite
Take a bite
I'm a knight of the night
I dwell in the moonlight when the ghouls have goon fights
I'm outright polite face to face
But when I write, I might just put you in your place
I got the sleight of hand, point and case
I work real hard every day's a rat race

Verse 5
I'm about to inject you with the verbal slime
The vegetables of rhyme
Nutrition for your mind
Poke your nerves in your spine
Emcees be all over the place with their rhymes
While mine remain defined
Glued to perfection
I kiss the mic with affection
My mind is taking time for some stretching
Bending galaxies into my verbal collection
My ethics remain the most pristine
You don’t know half the shit I've seen
Drugs, violence and money ain't my scene, that shits obscene
Failure is not in my genome
I eat rappers like amino
Acid I spit, I'm sick make you need chemo
I got the heart of a king, I'm casino
I keep my profile on the d low
That way if I need to snap a neck, I can creep slow
I'm quiet but alert like Cappuccino
For every rhyme you have, I got a kilo
I torpedo my ego of being half Latino with rhymes that are jalapeño
A mean flow, like a lunch money
I got leverage like a pulley
Pull your body in the gully
Then assassinate ya subtly
Fire rhymes, I’ll boil your blood till its bubbly
I must boil your blood because I can't leave evidence
I can't have a conscious that is decadence
I'm perfecting the elements
So I can raise a hell-ish genesis
Inject ya membranous tissues
With my sentences
Your brain is my new residence
So prepare for ideas of excellence and long nights of restlessness
I'm reckless, I'll erode your skeletal with tetanus
Spit the most venomous
Leave you stranded in a nebulous
Unless you're in for my best interest
I'll show you benevolence
Fly us away on a Pegasus
Let you benefit from my intelligence
My rhymes are the perception of medicine that is perfection
Known to cure cancer, bulimia and depression
That last one is a self-tested assessment

Verse 6
I'm back with a bad habit of being a rabbit and too hop to be toe tag-ged
I'll incinerate you if you discriminately use the term faggot
Bury your skeleton inside of the slime of the maggots
That's the way its gotsta happen if you're a foul mouth bastard who thinks backwards you capsize slacker
Step into my rapture
This is chapter, one
It's do this or do a backwards gun
That last one rhymed with try
You imbecile child step into my trial
Let's see if you follow the crevices or smile
Let's see if you can decipher my rhyme style
It's gold wealth, disguised in stealth
Subliminal messages that tend to melt
Your brain it's actually not good for you health
So maybe you shouldn't listen to me
Maybe you should just do your own thing
But just know I have a swarm of bees ready to sting
Emerging, from underneath my lunula fing-ertips
Talk ya shit, I ain't allergic
In fact I'll probably learn it
Churn it, inside of the pot
Stir it
Take the recipe and burn it
Then emerge it
2.0 the newer version
And now everybody's drinking my syrup
I'm the best in the west let's not get into a stirrup
From CA through Oregon, Washington to Alberta


Freestyle 2
(You wanna hear some words?
I don't give a fuck about a verb, or a noun, I'm profound
Sniffing out pounds of herb like a hound
I'm always at work
Spinning pizzas picture perfect round
I got a low-key sound and I'm bound
To have a Loki crown that's golden brown
Pretty girls pucker like a goldfish mouth
I’m about to get a sucker on me down south
I'm losing my marbles like change in the couch
I guess my mindset is my new allowance)

Verse 7
I elope, in these dark thoughts of a man
Reaching for the ends to which they span
I'm creeping on myself I just need the white van
Weighing actions vs. consequences by the gram
I've been blowing myself up like ‘42 japan
I'm the number one rank in any clan
And I'm just speaking frank, Anne
And I’m walking on the plank of the shark tank
My boat already sank so I'd better start to thank
Oil the gears as they crank, swivel the gun on the tank
And I'm the dope boy and this here is dank
Every song has a ploy, I come out with a shank
This ain't a toy, this the gun of a tank
This ain't a coin, this is the whole bank
I'm the dope boy, my product is dank

Verse 8
I’ll hydrate ya like hydrocortisone
I'm in my zone I’ve already flown
Migrated to Oregon
My heads a mess I need a comb
Miss my family kiss ‘em on the phone
I'm up and coming
I'm all up and grown
I’m tryna compare myself to the legend of Davy Jones
I'm in construction watch out for my orange cones
And I'm known for drinking milk so I'm not prone to broken bones
So come at me with your full blown
And problems about the O-zone

Verse 9
I came out, I came out
I came out, I came out
And when my mother came around
She said "I hate your sound"
I thought "Fuck you talking bout now?"
She said "You're not brown, you didn't grow up downtown, sometimes I think you do these things just to see me frown"
I thought "Fuck off, can't knock me down"
I'm not in this for a crown, I'm in this only for the sound
Who needs to care whether I'm black white or brown?
It's only what I say and convey that counts
I was in the pound, impounded, who let the dogs out?
I may have been lost but I came back found
With a new collar and a shiny name tag on
A whole new lawn of grass to aim and pee on
Eat sleep and play with repeat on
Barking at the mailman to be gone
Cause I don't trust the government
It seems like they're crooked and crumbling
I wanna make my paycheck and not funnel it
Back into paths where I just run a bit
People need structure but government feels fluctuated
Easily hated, but I think we'd hate it if we didn't make it
And if we didn't have laws we would all have died 100 years ago all too faded, it's undebated
Human nature is more destructive than creative
That's why you should praise me for being patient
I got a relation-
-ship with God
And he says "Dog
It's all backwards, our spots
Responsibility in you, in knocks
You're the new boss, take it out for a shot."
I'm shocked, for a second my heart stopped and my stomach dropped...
Me and God just flopped...
So the first thing I’mma do is smash the crown with a rock
Burn the throne, no more idols to mock
My idea of leadership is like Spock
Rid of emotion and respect the cock (Atmosphere)
Eat, sleep and fuck is what we got
Take it back to the basics of the block
I need your help so give me your hand
There's a revolution out there for us to understand
All of us create it, there's no plan
Shits been spinning the same like a fan
Let stand, and create a template to end all of what we debate
This is a race, keep your pace


Freestyle 3
(It courses through my brain
It-it-it-it’s in my sayings
It’s every motherfucking thing that I’ve been playing
And every, I’ve been, I’ve been spraying
Running through these god damn lyrics every day in
Day in, night out
Cause I’m a dark knight right now
I’m under the moon, I’m literally on Mt. Baldy
You motherfuckers ain’t know shit about the shots that I’ve be calling
Man what the fuck am I talking about?
I’m just, I’m just high right now
I, I’m too high, I’m too high
Literally I’m like 2000 feet above, above sea level
Check my, check my fucking levels
I need to turn the gain down I sound distorted
Man my rhymes are so nice it’s like I’m imported)

Verse 10
Ayo I was six feet deep, in something that I dug
But I just pulled myself up outta that rut
I’m here to stir a muck
Bring the fuck with the ruckus
Ooh I'm so luscious
This is how many fucks I give
Hut hut, Andrew Luck
I'm back in play
Or re le, Chez Jose
This is where I lay this is where I wanna stay
Every night every day
Blow up like Michael Bay
Actually fuck fame, that shit cray-
-fish, if you in it for the money you a bitch
I don't say this often but you can suck my dick
Egotistical pricks I turn into bowels
I'm a wild dog you want to hear me howl?
I'm like a soul on ice with the solstice at night
Insomniac werewolf with a bite
I scream for ice cream but I wouldn't do much for a Klondike
Don't believe the hype, they're just alright
(but G the motherfucker who strikes with might)

Verse 11
I got bars that’ll take me further than mars
I’ve known it from the start so I’ve been perfecting my art
Your part, is not much in my scheme
Just make sure you scream when I’m on stage
Have everybody listening
My life’s pristine
Wake up and smoke weed
Say “Hello” to the team
We just trying to get some C.R.E.A.M
Wu-Tang, who saying
That I’m playing? I’m a rap abomination
Emcee’s praying that I won’t slay ‘em
On their own beat, on their own street
And hear their mother’s weep
As I leave a card by their feet
Says “I ended the blindness, Sincerely the Finest”
I’ll always kill ‘em with kindness
I got the lyrical heat
The inferno that burns though your journal (Mos Def)
I put my sweatshirt on so that’s word to Earl
I expel pearls, I’m not talking about the necklace
I’m reckless, I’ll always eat a pussy out for breakfast
I’m next bitch, so don’t judge this dude
You don’t know what the fuck I’ve been through
Too, much has been put into this
So I ain’t leaving until I have a gold fucking necklace
Yes, I, I must spit to impress
Before I’m the next best to put the mic to rest
Mos Def, taught me mathematic tactics
Most rap is lacking
So I’ll start the reaction of (INhale) in action
That’s oxygen in action
I got L’s being passed ‘n’
I can sleep when I’m dead so for now let me rap

Verse 12
I'm leaping off cliffs to expand my wingspan
Morphing my brain into a sphere
So every angle that appears is clear
Gain the ability to sneer in the face of fear
Fear is nothing
Compared to what I've been cooking and stuffing
Inside the turkey
It's murky and doesn't understand what is mercy
It's out for blood and boy am I thirsty
Swimming in dreams of virgins and wine
Disembodied the shrine
Gave it a design
Of thought, individuality
Acts of kind with immortal minds
Death is just a race against time
To see who can accomplish what within it
Death to the men who undermined women
And I feel as if I never will die
As I can accomplish whatever I try
Apply my mind
Into the eyes and look right through the sky
My soul is as soft as the fuzz on a peach
Embodying every freak that I meet
We have more genes
Than every speck of sand on a beach
What does that mean?
Where is the gene
That makes an act of mean?
Where is the gene
That births a queen?
Where is the gene
That causes my lucid dreams?
Where is the gene that made G
The Jesus of DJ-ing
And spitting this lyrics?
(You know this shit is more than just appearance
This shit is really, it goes deep inside of my veins
It courses through my sayings)

Verse 13
It's me and my words against the world
I talk a lot so I don't need a referral
You can't unrecord, so this shit is eternal
I’m smooth with my verbal and this beat is fertile
So I fuck it, every night tuck it
Into bed, wake up she gives me head
Then puts her head on my stomach
She tells me she loves it and loves when
I unbutton what's covering her
And plummet into her muffin
Pussy so sweet
Caramel, chocolate vanilla and poppy seed
Yo I'm papa G
Word to b poppa I g
I see, hip-hop properly
I'm about to take radio rap out of poverty
Run an i
Pod monopoly with a free music economy
Wreck the record label my philosophy
I've overcome mountains
You got anything else that can stop me?
You best eat your broccoli
Cause you gon’ need to be real strong to stop me
Except I ain’t stopping


Freestyle 4
(Except I ain’t stopping
You copy?
Think about what you say before you're sorry
That's why I'm old fashioned like Atari
I'm on my grind doing Ollie’s
All these raps are quality
I don't have a favorite one, I'm about equality
I'm in the trees like a koala be
I got the world's best heart, I'm fatherly
That's why all these crazy bitches want to have their fawn with me
Quit calling me, I don't wanna be bothered
You see, I've met a whole lot of you ladies
And you’re all fucking crazy
Had one girl fake a pregnancy
Expecting me to stick around
All these women try and tie me down with a baby
Ah "Just put it in without a condom" I've heard way too often
Followed by "It's alright, I took the pill"
Bitch I don't trust you and that's how I feel, Ha!
I ain't amused but you're a muse for me to use
Always spew the holy holy like in the pew
I got a birds eye view and sick with my own flu
With which I might fly by and kill you
Catch that or was that too much for you?
I hope you caught it cause now your finally dead
Now I don't have to waste any lead
You're so-so but I'm every thread
And all your opinions are just things that I’ve already said)

Verse 14
My lips are always chapped
From all the air I drag
What goes in must come out and
My sentences are bad
My soul is at the end of a mag
I see a man with a bag
I look the other way, I see the man with the segregated flag
Which way do I go? What do you think?
You take me stupid or someone on the brink
Of world peace and humanity in sync
And all of this within an arms reach
So I can't blink until I find the missing link

Verse 15
21 years in the making
And the whole time I been going bacon
I think I've been pacing
I'm near my final destination
Life isn't patient
It wants what it wants and takes it
And then it sees what it wants and creates it
These are the basic rules of life
Day after night, until the end of time
So why do we fight?
What is wrong? What is right?
The only lesson I've learned is don't believe the hype
Can we even learn? Or is it just lessons that we have to earn?
Why do we yearn? Life always ends in turn
So why do I smoke the fern? Is it the INhalation of the burn?
Why do I like to curse? Why do I like to flirt?
Why do I write this verse? What really are words worth?
Do they really serve a purpose or is it getting lost in the universe?
Should I try to fly like the birds, or dig tunnels with the worms?
Why do I want these things?
Are the answers really what I search?
I'm trying to answer life before I lie in the hearse, yeah!

Verse 16
I see, I see hip-hop as a gun
It gives power to the man who yields one
But it gives a whole nother level of power to the man who really knows how to wield one
Same thing how it takes talent to go semi pro
But it takes a whole lotta work to go professional
It's a big difference
It's the big leagues vs. the amateurs
It’s the circumference vs. the diameter
The worker vs. the manager
The peasant vs. the chancellor
The black house cat vs. the panther
It's me vs. hip hops ramblers
Quit being inconsiderate
And taking away from an art form
So you can get your liquor in
That was built to make a difference
Through brutal honesty and enlightening the policies
Of what us inaudibly
To common to see
NBC, just wants gossip
I'm here in the form of the long lost prophet
Allah reincarnated with Muhammad
Serving the blood of my heart in a goblet
Knowledge of an entire life in every droplet
Flow of a faucet that's sick like vomit
That last line is a composite of a sonnet
I'm preparing to pay with my life
And my words are my breath, and wallet
Is being held under a knife
The pressure is precise
The ethics of a man I like to exercise
Experience is the best teacher of wrong vs. right
So don't believe the hype
I'm not always right despite being a white, man
I'm right because I stay up at night to write my insight until I can't feel my hand
This is something that's bigger than me
And I won't quit until I can put it in between my teeth

Verse 17
They say what I say ain't as important as what I do
But I'm confused, because what I bring to you is the same two
Hold up Steve let's sniff out the Blues Clues
This one's sweat on my neck like J. Crew
Let's sniff out the Blues Clues and take a J cruise
Chains of thought weigh like slave shoes
Not what you should see but what they choose
It's what they put on our shoes with swoosh labels
We released information over the Internet for free to anyone who was able
With cells into portable tables and cables


Freestyle 5
(Uh, I don’t know what to say, uh
Wassup, wassup, wassup, wassup
I can be an emcee or I could be the drummer
I can make more sound than the engine of a Hummer
Bummer, that you have to sit the sideline
While I spit raps and ride the high rise
You need to climb a mountain just to get in my eyesight
And I can make this real messy like we was in a pie fight
That's 3.14
What’chu know about that? Nothing? Well there's the door
I suggest you still get out while it's easy like a whore
Cause if you stand there and rebuttal when I come back around there's gonna be a Whole. Lot. More.)

Verse 18
My face been multiplying acne like I'm a mathlete
I’m feeling crappy like 2015 Crabtree
I feel like a has be, so I drink coffee, until the break of dawn
While rapping, zeppelin rocking, ignorance the new armeggadon
I've had lots of time to reflect the concept of many wrongs
Addiction to electronic restriction has humanity dead and gone
Has everything I think been thought? Is it just the credits on?
Am I ever creative or just invasive like Jason Statham in The Italian Job? That's a whole different song. Pause. New topic

Verse 19
I’m watching the blur of green trees and leaves
Feeling like nothing ever mattered
I can feel the vibration through the cars tire feet
Recline and the rocks’ll start to sing you to sleep
Elevation is what we seek, the summit is under my feet
This forest is quiet no birds cheep
Fresh air meant to INhale deep
The smoke from the blunt starts to seep
Into my lungs take in the heat
Smoke on the view, gaze on the haze
Baker, I’m covered I'm fog
Crepes with a glaze
Of hazelnut gourmet sauce
Topped off with whipped bliss of the gods
Smoke smog with my dawgs
Smash, no items or mods
Not a monster but a cookie hog
I'm pretty odd, do whatever I feel when I wake up
Too many things to do than stay put and stay stuck
Add a little flavor with a spray of the shaker
I'm a creator who just gave this crater
And it's big as fuck
You could roll in its deep but it’s like the wheels on the bus
Darkness makes you ponder if the difference of life is on purpose or luck?
Why am I me and not a big buck?
Why does my head point to happiness and big bucks?
Why is my head not the shape of a duck?
What if monkeys are secretly smarter than us?
What if they're the ones running the experi-munts?
They act dump to puppeteer us with ropes
You can't understand any other life except the one yours chose
But yet all our electrons rotate so close
Created the difference between inland and coast
Dead and living folks
And the concept of hope
(Isotopes and molecules
I be running through this shit that I cule)

Verse 20
I can think
Though any situation
I got the bossest consciousness
Filled with the rawest faucet
Of flawless thoughts that blossom
Into colossal gospel
My words are fossils
Here to stay
Spread and spray
From Boston to Austin to the bay
I display an awesome buffet
Of parfaits that convey
Past clichés and will live on past my day when I pass away
I’m molding my days like clay
And churning the furnace to not decay
So preserve my DNA
Like fine cabernet
And sip it on my judgment day
Eat my words like sorbet soufflé
At my cafe
The fires crackling
My mouth is babbling
Trying to tackle what happening
Around me, but sadly
I don't think I'm scratching
The surface of the half of it
I'm passing time trying to remind
Every pacifist that they're accurate
I'm trying to ejaculate the immaculate all over your face
Make ya taste my miraculous case
I'm trying to calculate every single angle
Untangle hatred
And become the grateful patrons
Underneath those clothes we're all naked, we're all related
So let's hug each other, snap the moment and paint it
Make it a song on everybody's playlist
And label it the greatest


Freestyle 6
(Oh you’re a fat ass? Boo-hoo
Quit going to Mc
Donald’s and make your own fucking food
It’s not rocket science it’s not even voodoo
Don’t eat donuts motherfucker get your head right
And at night, I don’t obey the law of red lights
I do donuts what I drive, I spin around in my mind
I got the eyesight of the three blind mice times thrice
That’s nine, that’s nice, I don’t listen to Christ
I don’t like being told what not and what to do
Call me a rebel but that’s just what I’m meant to do
I’m amendable but if I led, I’d be incredible
Don’t run out of lead in your pencil
Cause my lessons’ immensful)

Verse 21
I’m on 16th alley in the Cascade valley
North of Cali
I been working out my mind like Bally
Cooking something up on the galley
Putting beats in body bags, add up the tally
My raps are pieces of art, I got a whole gallery
I can pep talk a rally into a riot for the finale
Flow sweeter than berries, like Halle
Ooh I like them caramel girls
The scandalous girls
Fuck me like an animal girls
Bring out my instincts
Make me go primate
Annihilate your eardrums
With vibrate, tions
I hydrate with nitrate
So I flow with nitrous
Let loose like on Friday night with a pipe
Packed with kief of the leaves
That allows me to catch Z's
Cause I don't sleep, Geez Louise
Nicky G, He's the missing piece of the puzzle
Between peace vs. muzzles
I paint a picture with my ease-l
I got a lot of power I need diesel
With a flow so lethal my language needs to be illegal
I got the nose of a beagle and the talons of an eagle
I turn ya into fecal then roll you around like a dung beetle
I’ll stab you with a bees needle and put you in the fetal
Position, a fucking animal on every composition
159 is the addition of my cognition
So when I'm speaking you need to shut the fuck up and listen
Just kidding
But I'm just more than a musician
I got food for thought that's nutrition
I'm a poetic dietician
And fuck paying tuition
I'd rather spray my ammunition
I'm in a high gear transmission
And I just sparked the ignition

Verse 22
I been creeping through the peep hole
Weed O's till my feet slow
Shoot a beat then I reload
Nicky G, G is for giant with my fe-fi-fe-flow
Stomp, the ground erodes
Yo he flow like he got the cheat codes
He is not an equal
King Midas touch when he flow, he speak gold
Deceitful, like Rumpelstiltskin
Like Rumpelstiltskin
Chilling with the fill in villain
I’m just your enemy until I make a killing
I’m throwing curveballs like Curt Schilling
I'm iller than a chinchilla that has ten children
Fighting off evil women like Scott Pilgrim
I swear I've met more than a million
And I don't do this for them
I do this for the feeling
I do this for the Chem-
-istry of my brain stem
Raise the mayhem
Out my cranium
Not the best
But def-
-initely in the top ten
And offend-
Ded if you think diff-er-ent
Not what I want but I spit what I am

Verse 23
I may be introverted and shy
But in my mind, Lies
A consciousness, where
I got enough confidence and competence to accomplish an entire continent
I got a horoscope of a broke metronome
I'm the holy ghost giving every note a home
I’ll straighten out your head like a comb
I'm flowing Rivers like Joan
Get girls wet like boats
I float with ease
I got a whole lotta ways to cut the cheese
I got an army of chords and keys
I breathe these raps like breeze
I got your hands up like I told you to freeze
But unlike the police, I'm pro free
I’m digging tunnels underground where the moles be
Dip me like guacamole
I'm raising all you kids like Angelina Jolie
I'm a god, on the low key
Like a bass note
I was born in the winter I'm straight cold
I’ll give you a splinter with a dull icicle
I’ll break the ice in your skull
Throw your corpse off the hull
You'll feed the seagulls
My words should be illegal I'm so lethal
I got retrieval skills like a beagle
Snatching the egg of an eagle
Which I feed my people to lead past the cathedral to laugh in the face of evil
And I won't stop until the Devil lays peaceful
And all men are treated equal
I got a sequence of sequels
This is just the prequel of the needle


Freestyle 7
(I just smoked a blunt
My body is retarded
My mind has departed
Rolled a back and sparked it
The moon isn't even the farthest
I've traveled, through galaxies and seen through fallacies of the most lethargic
That last line was a hiccup
That last beat I made, I need to turn the kick up
Make my vocal pop because listen how I spit luck
Gain respect and get trust
Maintain flexed, Nick’s
Maintain flexed, Nick the mista
It's when the pressures on that defines who you are
Are you subpar or you can reach the bar?
Except the bar is meant to be lifted, and I'm the motherfucking gifted!
Who be spitting and kicking all of this god damn different
Things that I’ve been lifting)

Verse 24
I'm like a magician I can disappear into thin air
I brainstorm so much I wake up with Einstein’s hair
I'm in a race against a tortoise and I'm the hare
But this ain't the story you used to hear
I'm trying to rewrite history with a flare so rare
My skins so fair I can give you a ghost-like scare
But in reality I'm sweeter than a pear
With a mistook left hook that can leave you impaired
My words sting like Nair
And they slap like a snare
I rhyme snuggly like a big teddy bear
My flow spreads like a spiders web
Step into my lair
I'm making the world change, I’m not waiting like Mayer
I spend my time as a god like creator
So if music dies I can rise and be the savior

Verse 25
Ain't no limits to this gift
I'm tired of cheese and crackers I want to live the Ritz
Bliss, death has given me a kiss
But that's another story that's was some shit
Let's just say I appreciate what it means to live
I hold in my genes(jeans) my kids
And honest, I hope they never get my lisp
Money power and happiness, I can't scratch away this itch, it's a bitch
My soul could never be beat even by Chuck Norris' fists
My goal is to become a young enormous prince
My name on all the tourists’ lists
A camera click with a horde of pics
Give all the Swedish chicks a foreign dick
I feel immortal with this
Take a shot I pray it miss, cause my sleeves' got more tricks
Too many things I want to fix
I'm just a kid I eat Trix
I want to get under your skin like ticks
The clock ticks and tocks I think time is a paradox
I have too many thoughts to talk
And if you're racist, suck my cock here's a box of dicks
That last line was a little bit ridiculous
But that’s ok because I’m named Nicholas
And I try to stay fresh and packed like pickles is
I have a high ego it's hard to get with this
Victorious, of the people, my name is Nicholas

Verse 26
I'm here to steal the loot, kick the boot
I got two, truces but killed Usylluss with his own trident
I'm walking in Stride chewing Trident
I got about 5 packs of Dentyne Ices
Juicy Fruits in Orbit around Hubba Bubba and Double Mint
I chew ‘em all I don't care what the price is
Truth is, my crew chew gum or they're left lifeless
I might smite this, so tell me what the hype is
I'm hip and I hop like the bunny from Energizer
Summon my chariot I got the Christ-risen Chrysler
No more V-Techs and no more ricers
I ball all day Like Mike in a white shirt
Lurk all night ya might get hurt
Or shot by all my squads Super Soakers
Do it for fun like we was some poachers
Taxiderm your head real big like “yeah, yeah we're some big boasters”
Wake up every morning staring at it with a cup of Roasters


Freestyle 8
(Now don't get me wrong I like ass and tits
But I'd much rather see a girls assets
If she doesn't have good morals I'll send that chick backwards
And sit back and roll a Backwood on my lips
And smoke till my lungs hiccup
Smart girls are the one’s that gets my dick up)

Verse 27
Hip-hop never died, I just woke her up with a kiss
Lashes exposed her eyes, they told me she loved her Nick
Slipped in with my dick, now I'm addicted to it
All it is, is finding new ways to lick the clit while I spit
New ways to express the messages I give
She indulges my bliss, told me “Don’t stop, don't quit
I want you to give me every last inch”
In the morning I don't split because I found my niche
She's holding a crown and I'm the fresh young prince
I won't call her a bitch, she's too precious to hit
Even is she's got blood, I'll go down like a Crip

Verse 28
I be puff-puff passing on the medical
But passing over edibles
I'm incredibly credible
My knowledge goes deep as if I got several
Minds inside my cranium
If Big Bills is closed then I'm gonna be breaking in
I’m about to eat balls cheesed to perfection
And slices known to give saliva erections
I'm just messin’ but I remain sincere with my adolescence
I ran 5 miles today gasping for breath and
Everyday I eat Oatmeal for breakfast
I'm trying to grow a mustache
But it's hard when I still act like a rug rat
It feels great in Colorado to have the sun back
I'm chasing nirvana like I run track
Yanni rolling backwoods
Smoke don't make me rap good
Time slows so much it goes backwards
It's the fountain of youth and that's word
Backwoods of fat herbs
And slaphappy rap masters
The rock I'm on makes my ass hurt
Stomach rumbling makes me want to go to the crapper
Oh wait I'm on the beat though
Sit and think about that one for a minute
I’m aiming for big game shoot and skin it
Hang the antlers to remind myself I’m driven
And I want to be livid in Bolivia
And flip all of our media
J.K. Rowling in the deep
Harry potter nerd but Adele puts me to sleep
Me and death been known to meet
Am I lucky or too grim to creep?
Piling my dreams into a heap
Then repeat through my speech

Verse 29
I used to dream about the day that I would die
But now I can't stop eating it up like pie
I got a sweet tooth for equality and love
And if you're full of hate I won't share my drugs
Addicted to lick the sweat on my upper lip
Never will I slip when I’m passionate
I've always been too cocky of myself
I held up my ego like a belt
I've had days I felt like my heart could melt
And others where all I did was puff top shelf
I can break your focus
Trick you with hocus-pocus
Bullshit ya with no bogus
Leave your Solo shot Hope-less
I see more stem and flower than florists
I'm the hour of power with a flow so enormous
Talk is cheap just show me where the smoke is
Within the universe we're all just tourists
I eat chips and churros at Torres
I got the horns of a Taurus and
I drank the potent potion of emotion in motion
Now I'm feeling like my soul was stolen

Verse 30
I don't have a DJ, it's just me
I also don't have a free day because I'm also an emcee
I hear these kids rapping about how drake got a Wusa
But what's even cooler is I can play 12 scales on a tuba
I wanna hear a jazz diss track
The battle of back-to-back saxes
Bass lines with more scales than basses
Attacking guitar axes
Piano strings springing like a mattress
Improvised not practiced
That’s why my rhymes are going down as a classic


Freestyle 9
(Practice today makes the perfect practice tomorrow
Lessons on loan I'm living lavish on borrow
All I know is I'm living Jack-ish like Sporrow, Sparrow
Did you catch that? most don't listen…
Robert's in raves and rancers of dancers
More wrong that right? Schrute Dwight
And mama Mary made mad marvelous muffins making Martha managing maniacs maybe moping mopeing mild Mark missing memories, her enemy...
Haha, what the fuck did that even mean?
I don’t know, but it sounded heavenly
Show me someone better than me
Uh, I just smoked a Backwood, I didn’t even get that high
I got buzzed as fuck though, that Back-tobacco dry, haha
And I'm back in the woods rolling backwoods that are that good
I'm a slaphappy rap master
My favorite sound is the sound of laughter
I do unseen good deeds like I'm Casper
I've touched more lives than a badass pastor
I'm shutting on this beat I treat it like the crapper
I know too many lines to be a bad actor
I'm so much more than just a rapper
Listen to my whole album then tell me why after
And I'm just breaking the ice, this cypher’s just the fracture)

Haha, Yeah!
Goddamn that was good
Not bad for uh, eight takes?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, eight takes
Who cares man? I’m high right now
(Eight’s my lucky number motherfucker
Like Chris Tucker, and Jackie Chan I be kicking it
I’m getting more livid in
Splitting these dividends
To everyone that be living in)
Ayy, alright
It’s like, oh shit, it’s 3:40 in the morning right now
Um, my computers’ got like eight percent battery left
Yeah, it’s time to call this quits man
But uh, I still got half an album left
I’ll see you on the other side of the moon, Disc 2
This is fun but I gotta go to bed man
Ah fuck it who am I kidding? (I’m not going to bed
I’m about to, I’m about to go home and uh
Ya know just kick more rhymes out my head
Smoke a little dope till my eyes red
Go to another planet where I can pretend)
Haha, alright I’m outta here
I got motherfucking Clips! Clips!
(Give me a beat, I’ll shoot and reload
Anytime, I’ll hit the three-point like a free throw
Yo you see me on the street, give me a word!
Ya know I don’t want you to think I’m making these freestyles with a cheat code)
Haha, alright for real
Third time’s the charm
G out, I’ll see your motherfuckers after the interlude
I got Clips!

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