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TESTO - Kota the Friend - Thank You

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TESTO - Kota the Friend - Thank You

(Thank you)
Oooh, oooh
Yeah, yeah, yeah

My village big
Ceiling nonexistent
I'm never missin' even when I had no pot to piss in
I got a couple kids, that's why I want the riches
Peace of mind is different, you ****** gotta listen
My wife dope, #1 mom
I tell her that she the G.O.A.T
She roll her eyes, she takin it for a joke
I took her out to Iceland, her bucket list runnin low
Northern Lights shining, sit back and enjoy the show
Fuck the politics ***** I never vote
Cancel me for that too
No matter what you do, my grass'll forever grow
I ain't cheap at the pump, yo gas is forever low
You livin' for the weekend, I'm reachin' forever goals
You livin' every season my ***** I'm never cold
Fuck if you believe in my diamonds and never fold
My acres are evergreen, my river forever flow
Thank you all
Don't wanna wait til you're gone
Just wanna say thank you all
I sing for you
I sing for you

I got the whole fam in Africa
Dreaming of the shit back when I was still a bachelor
Shook the haters off, still got a couple stragglers
But what's a local dickhead to a world traveler?
I'm lookin to my side, I'm seein' all the people that's always willin' to ride
And all I wanna do is say "Thank you" a million times
I took the load off you to give you a better stride
Acts of service is how I'm showin' you love
You never fail to return it
My son love me to death, like what'd I do to deserve it?
My wife do the same, even though I'm imperfect
My true fans love me and look at me like a person
My dad got my back, he ridin' until my hurts dip
Mom steer me right, she could sniff out the worst bitch
My brother go to bat for me like he Derek Jeter
And his wife don't play, she ain't with the shits neither
We good
Thank you all
Don't wanna wait til you're gone
Just wanna say thank you all
I sing for you
I sing for you
Thank you all
Don't wanna wait til you're gone
Thank you all
I sing for you
I sing for you
For you
I sing for you

(Statik Selektah)
(Hi love)
(What's wrong?)
(I know what I said)

Grinnin' on my flight now
Straight triumph in everything that I write down
The wind get crazy, you hidin', we bring the kites out
Get to tellin' scary stories when the lights out
Overdue bills was regular, it's alright now
Summer in the 90s at nighttime it was quite loud
I'm makin' noise, now they tunin' in to my sound
When the heatwave comin, we get the ice out
Diamond in the rough, this life cut me, I'm nice now
VVS diamond-cut Adidas while the price wild
I'm out in Vietnam walkin' with my grandad
My wife build schools, yours is focused on a handbag
2023 we visitin' where the land at
Property tax, yall ****** livin' where the scam at
100 year resident, Abu Dhabi
My haters struggle, I'm settled in
If you sell me I missed it ***** it's evident
They clenchin' they jaws, I'm in my element
Even if you hate me, in the future you'll remember this
Everybody's scared, I'm pointin' out all the elephants
Real life homie, I'm doin shit that they never did
And prolly never will
My iron is on the feel , still I got to kill
Mama said you better do it if you got the skills
Statik put me on and told me what I got is real
I'm inspired like I watched the homie pop the wheel
When we was 8 and runnin the streets of Clinton Hill
Life is great, I'm makin' sure that I live and build
And keep my mind off of all the shit that just isn't real
It isn't real
(Hi love)
(What's wrong?)
(I know what I said)

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