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TESTO - Portraits Of Tracy - Ten Years


TESTO - Portraits Of Tracy - Ten Years

Knocking on door

SighI can’t believe I’m doing this shit

Girl, who busted ass Nissan outside my house?
Ah! Belaine!

Hey mom

You know I miss you boy, come here and give your momma a hug!

Okay uh

Hi, Ms. Morris!

Hey baby! I don’t- I don’t think I really know you...
Im- I’m sorry that I didn’t come around sooner, it was a whole bunch of shit that went down

Mm hm, mm hm, yeah yeah yeah yeah... who in the hell is that lady?

That’s just my roadie, Ema... we know each other from

Y’all be fucking?

Lip smack Mom... no!

Hey hey... hey I’m just asking, okay don’t fret

Sigh Okay

So how long you gon’ down here superstar?

Uh, I’m not so sure. A whole bunch of shit happened
What happened?

I’ll explain it to you tomorrow... I- I’m fucking pooped

Sigh Welp, y’all two come on in!
Junie and Ema enter Marie’s House

Sorry for the loud ass noise with the kids and shit...

I see the stairs never lost those loud ass fucking creaks!

Boy, now you know this house old as shit... (Ema giggles)
Okay, but here’s y’all’s room!... same as you left it baby

Thanks, ma

Thank you Ms. Morris
No problem y’all. But I do have two rules though…
One, do not, I repeat DO NOT TOUCH MY CORN STARCH...
Two, if you got some weed, share it please...
Junie & Ema start to giggle

Okay y’all, if y’all need me I’m in the living room
Glass shatters from downstairs

Now I know goddamn well that wasn’t my damn table!

Yep! That’s my mom

It’s actually unbelievable how much you two are alike

Yeah... if you like me you’ll definitely love her

Okay I guess...

I forgot to tell y’all, but later on today we’re having a little family cookout...
And I could definitely use y’all’s help
Like Junie you could DJ for em’ or play a like a song


... You know uh, and Ema you could help with the tables, you know?

Okay, I’m down

That’s all I wanted to say y’all!
I can’t believe I gotta watch these badass fucking kids
Junie’s Room Door Closes

I don’t know how I’m gonna tell my mom what the fuck happened last night

Junie, you know you have to...

Yeah I know, shit shit shit... So how do you like my room?

It’s chill, but it feels stale

You know I haven’t been I haven’t been in this room for about a decade

Fair... wait. Is that a Bitte Orca CD?

Yeah, why?

Jesus... you’re weirder than me! (Junie laughs)
Junie’s Room Door Opens

Oh shit

Nigga I know that ain’t you

Amari?... Holy fucking shit, Dap me up nigga! (Amari laughs)
How long it been?

Nigga- too long... Ten years man, I don’t know...

Fuck man

Ay look real quick man, run that Street up real quick
You owe me something bro... (Junie laughs)

You haven’t changed a fucking bit man... Ema, I’m gonna be right back

Okay... don’t run off now
Amari’s Room Door Opens

I hope you ready for this work nigga!

Ah, shut yo’ ass up nigga

Ay and put on some of that shit you was working on before you left here bruh

Got you!

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