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Capella Grey

Talk Nice

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Talk Nice di Capella Grey contenuta nell'album Talk Nice. “Talk Nice” è una canzone di Capella Grey. Talk Nice Lyrics.

TESTO - Capella Grey - Talk Nice

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TESTO - Capella Grey - Talk Nice

Don't waste my time today, uh
City gon' move, yeah, we outside today, uh
I pulled up with the gang, a bunch of young fly niggas
They know when we slide, we bring the vibe with us, oh
Don't even gotta say when I'm in town, she know
Don't know her sign but she wanna fuck with a Leo
We got it litty, y'all got nothin', no
When from overlooked to overbooked

Now they gotta talk nice, yikes, that's tough
Now they wanna switch and readjust, oh
They was tryna act like they didn't know, us, ooh, woah
Now that price goin' up, they can stay there

She say she from the Ville, borderline boogie down
She got a man but she call me when she want rounds and rounds and rounds
I told her, "Don't think about it"
But she gon' do what she gon' do and I ain't mad at her
She look at me like she just wanna
Climb up on me, get nasty in the foreign
Lately, niggas been on they P's and Q's
'Cause they know what the fuck goin' on
Trust me, you want peace, for real
'Cause we industry, we in the streets, for real
And we don't hear when they talk (When they talk)
'Cause when we pull up, it's a different story
Mission aborted

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