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Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Superstar di Kaash Paige contenuta nell'album Superstar. “Superstar” è una canzone di Kaash Paige. Superstar Lyrics.

TESTO - Kaash Paige - Superstar

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TESTO - Kaash Paige - Superstar

Superstar, superstar (Yeah-yeah)
Superstar, superstar (Yeah-yeah)
Yeah, yeah-yeah
Yeah, yeah-yeah

What I'ma do? It's so late
Gotta get this bread, yeah, gotta get this cake
Travel 'round the world like eighty different days (Uh)
Smokin' weed like a rockstar
Said she like when I drive fast, I drive faster
In that '
Rari, I might crash, just like NASCAR
I was raised, I do well like I'm a bastard
Yeah, I'm ragin' (ragin')
I've been going through different phases (phases)
I've been seeing different places (places)
Got my friends askin' me, am I changin'? (changin')
Just moved to a mansion (mansion)
Stack my money up, yeah, I like expandin' (expandin')
New bitch, she outlandish (Woah)
Spanish mami like to tango, she like dancin' (bang-baow), with me
I can't fuck with no lame bitch no more
I can't even speak your language no more
Guapanese is just that language I talk
Goin' back to my old ways (old ways)
Yeah, I been goin' back to my old ways (old ways)
Back on my bullshit again ('gain)
Back on my bullshit again ('gain)
God just told me I'm the G.O.A.T
When you walk past me, just know, it's Saint Laurent
Yeah, just know it's Saint Laurent
Diamonds on me shinin', yeah, you know I'm finna flaunt
Nasty, get nasty (nasty)
When you live this lifestyle, shit be hella classy
Instagram baddies tell 'em to get at me
She tryna get saved, shawty tryna trap me

Saying, "Ooh"
Now, oh-oh
Saying, "Ooh"
Now, oh-oh
Cause I'm a superstar, superstar (Yeah, yeah-yeah)
I'm a superstar, superstar (Uh, yeah-yeah)

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