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Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Subdivisions di The Weather Station contenuta nell'album Ignorance. “Subdivisions” è una canzone di The Weather Station. Subdivisions Lyrics.

TESTO - The Weather Station - Subdivisions

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TESTO - The Weather Station - Subdivisions

Got in the car and the cold metallic scent of snow
Caught in my throat as I reached out to turn on the radio
The unfamiliar songs, the voices sing of love
And of wanting to dance and to sing in the rhythm of

The road was overwhelmed with snow piled high in all the ditches
I drove as though I did not understand all the divisions
The yellow signs and the painted lines
And the order they envisioned was so clear

I joined the steady line of cars on the highway
As though I was going home, but I drove the wrong way
Past thе looming walls of subdivisions
Out past the strip malls, white fields, and gas stations

I wantеd just to call you then, but still I knew I couldn’t
I left you back at home because I simply could not do it
Tell you I could be with you when I could see right through it
Our whole life

But what if I misjudged
In the wildest of emotion?
I took this way too far

The highway disembodied from the rest of my experience
A narrow band of ice that stretched across the disappearance
Of the central plan, the guiding hand
The keeping-up appearance of a life

But what if I misjudged
In the wildest of emotion?
What if I misjudged
In the wildest of emotion?
Did I take this way too far?

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