Judas ft. Sylvan LaCue


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TESTO - Judas - Stripped

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TESTO - Judas - Stripped


Show me to the safe, I need all the bank
Wrong side of town, first 48
Trap house jumping, how can I escape ? Awww
Dead or jail so I got it out of state
Came back home rental for the day
Bat phone the gang, it’s a major play awwww (It's a major play)
Daddy hit a lick, too legit to quit
Baggies in the fit, hammer with the brick
Rick James bitch, you ain't touching shit
12 cracked down, hittem with the Vick
Young Sylvan how you deal with all this shit?
Fuck school but I finished cause I’m lit
Dodged college debt, man I feel enriched
Ain’t much left around, dawg
All my heroes let me down or they ain’t around, dawg
Don’t take me for a clown, dawg
(Protect my energy)
Had to get the fuck from up around y’all
I don’t make time cause I ain’t got no time, nigga I ain’t got no time
My OG’s told me don’t fold over no dime, get yo dough and behold wives
My peace is vital I walk away so fine, do my two step & slow wine
But get out of line & get hit with a clothes line, fuck yo set & yo co-sign
Woah, Miami nigga on Crenshaw, how the fuck you get in dawg?
Crazy if I ain’t on ten dawg, look
My demons abroad who you sent for?
Survival tactics I ain’t lacking
Judas’s strapped in gadgets, oh the madness
They say the grass is greener, you can have it
Water my lawn ain’t nothing automatic

Look, we apologized already
And y’all didn’t see this coming
We went inward, now we coming outward
Either catch this fade, or fade away
And if you ain’t the table, then you food
We don’t want seconds, we don’t want no damn thirds
Cause we came for first

Late nights thinking about my life like what did I do, how did I get here? (How?)
Kush all over my clothes, pull up like cool, I ain’t tryna sit here (Nope)
I got moves to make (Got)
I got rules to break (Got)
And my bitch two got estates (Woo)
Used to keep a hunnid it in the stash just in case I ran outta cash, nigga I was dead broke (Dead broke, nigga)
Little Caesars fed the set 5 years straight (Goddamn!)
Lil brother playing LEGO’s, nigga
I got dues to pay (Goddamn!)
I can’t lose the faith
First 48 momma knew the stakes
I don’t know much about having guidance (No)
Daddy made promises then denied it (Woo)
My God you really tried it
Miami summers became the driest
Letting off water hydrants just to keep us from violence (Sheesh)
My code of honor lead me through fires
Revenge on my mind became a skill to hide it (Mmh)
I hated confrontation
But these days I invite it (Facts)
Fuck. Every. Rapper In this bitch
Y’all niggas is liars (Yeah)
I visited niggas & gave my love to the highest
All I saw was the egos of peasants doing the Heisman
Meanwhile I done won every honor through my assignments
Quietly put up numbers & let my thoroughness rise
If I had a dollar for every nigga I influenced
I’d probably drop this album say fuck it & then retire
This is not what my elders told me would come to transpire
Question, what is a void?
You just got in with your boys
I learned to chill & stay clear of the noise
I just came back off a flight out from Paris
Touched down, Rolling Loud boo’d me off I was poised (Poised, nigga)
Niggas respect but regret I guess I couldn’t see past us both being cool, now it's coy (Coy, nigga)
I learned a king has no friends only foes & followers my optimism felt rejoice (Rejoice, nigga)
I could’ve killed off my competition if I wasn’t concerned with us all being boys
Now I need everyone’s fans in an orderly fashion & yes I take back what I said
All we need is love but when there ain’t love I’d rather kill all of you wannabes dead
Off with his head, chalk full of lead
First 48, momma she dread
Used to watch it before she went to bed
Paranoid when I ain’t come in by 12
Scared 12 would bring me in full of lead
First 48, Momma she dread
Used to watch it before she went to bed
Paranoid when I ain’t come in by 12
Scared 12 would bring me in full of *beep*

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