Pretty Sick ft. xmal


Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Streetwise di Pretty Sick e xmal contenuta nell'album Streetwise. “Streetwise” è una canzone di Pretty Sick. Streetwise Lyrics.

TESTO - Pretty Sick - Streetwise


"You make me fucking sick"

Heavier than heaven, hotter than hell
I'll take you back to my place if you promise not to tell
Everyone's a gossip everyone's trash
But I don't mind the company when I'm just blowing cash
I want fun, fun, fun, wanna go out tonight
We can go to every borough though it takes a long time
Fun, fun, fun wanna go out tonight
Mini-skirts or skinny jeans or something streetwise

"Do you wanna go out tonight?"
"God, you're so fucking corny"

Light as a feather, stiff as a board
You might look like Madonna, but I know you're just a whore
Cities are like people and people always change
The only home I ever knew was the sound of my name
Scream it out, out, out say you love me some more
I'm the queen of city, I'm the one you adore
Scream it out, out, out like my name gets you high
Mini-skirts and skinny jeans or something streetwise

"I'm way too young to be sober"

Half joking, half drunk, half crazy
What didn't kill me just made me snakey
I get the pass 'cause I'm everyone's baby
Not the type to fuck you over, but there's always maybe

Wanna dance, dance, dance, let's go out tonight!
I heard there's a party over by the west side
Wanna dance dance dance, c'mon gimme some more
City is a playground and I wanna explore

Sing along
To the love song
But you're too streetwise
You won't be young
For very long
See how time flies

City is a playground and I wanna explore
Ci-ci-city is a playground and I wanna explore
Ju-ju just want it to rock, just want it to have fun
Got the whole crowd asking, "Are you gonna play "Dumb"?"

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