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TESTO - Hugh Cornwell - Stop


TESTO - Hugh Cornwell - Stop

I seen boys get up and blowing it with the world in the palm of their hands
I seen beautiful girls losing their curls
I seen 'em stretched out 'n' getting a tan
I seen criminal types
I'll forgive 'em the hype dressed up in a tailored suit
I seen an angel with a pair o' wings running off with a bag o' loot
I said stop it's getting late
I said stop trying burying your hate
I seen a human face inside a coloured race gettin' up and starting to run
I seen a man get bored
I seen a bone get gnawed
I seen him playing with a loaded gun
I seen you laughing loud
I seen you crying wolf
I seen you steppin' on yo' fellowman
I seen you grabbing at everything you want with a pair of clawing hands
I said stop it's getting late I said stop try burying your hate
I said stop and learn to love I said stop ...
Look above at the crown of love try it on it fits you like a glove
There are jewels up there for you to take a pair
Nobody will miss them if you want to dare ...
I seen men acting like they're dumb
I seen women acting like they're scared
I seen 'em both together raising kids
I seen 'em both with time to spare
I seen 'em loving each other
I seen 'em fighting mad
I seen 'em working for a gallon of gas
I seen an uptight man in a monkey suit cracking skulls for a little brass
I said stop it's getting late

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