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State of Mind

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TESTO - Elegy - State of Mind

When I look at myself frustration I try to hide
When it cries cries out in vain then I can't resist or hide

My state of mind state of mind

Now the feelings from within tell the tale a life of sin
An' a cold journey through time

I don't recall memories hard to focus hard to please
Am I losing my mind

A psychological impulse twisting around inside

My state of mind an out of body experience my state of mind
A separation between the soul and mind to be as one with each other
A state of mind in control of my helpless

The weirdest things always happen could it be my penance
A mnemonic phase that I resist

Now the feelings dark within me my sins will never ever be free

On and on and on we go we live our lives but never show
The knowledge guilt we all possess the strength of mind to now confess


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