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Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Star Wish di The Aluminum Group contenuta nell'album Plano. “Star Wish” è una canzone di The Aluminum Group. Star Wish Lyrics.

TESTO - The Aluminum Group - Star Wish


TESTO - The Aluminum Group - Star Wish

Star wish, you made a mess of my life
Cause I wasn't thinking clearly when I saw you falling out of the sky
And all the things I thought I ever wanted were just vain and hollow
And to date, I'm cleaning up the mess you've made of my life
Why'd you see me coming through the thousand others passing you by?
And what I thought I wanted was the worst thing I could think of
And of course, the only thing you'd use to mess up my life
You were there for everything, even though I wished you weren't
And I let you slip away, another case in point
I had everything I needed in my own backyard, until today
Now I have not

I throw quarters, quarters in a fountain
With the hope that one of them will work
And you will change your mind
And then you'll return
And you can find it in your heart to erase these stupid wishes that I wanted
Then I'll wish for you the rest of my life


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