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TESTO - Bop (Harvey) - Spinning Wheel

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TESTO - Bop (Harvey) - Spinning Wheel

You are now listening to bar code, curated by Darth Bills featuring artists from across the world!

Never been a fake chain flexer
She don’t call me daddy but she always say yes sir
Always tryna put on the pressure
Not a prince but you know that I dress fresher
World keeps spinning and shaking
Bills keep coming so I’m stackin that bacon
Eyes on the crown so you know imma take it
Imma real one yeah you know I won’t fake it
It’s the - big dick bandit
You’d think that I had planned it
I’m sitting on my throne
And yet you still can’t understand it
Eyes on the prize, grind to the top
Don’t you realize? This is the start
We are the best, best recognize it

Now gimme the mic it is time to hear Tice
Too many people been let down tonight
Like my shawty, they descend from the sky
We all land on our faces and start acting all nice
Saying hi! Missed the rage
Like bye, you're just a phase
Justified by the race
Just defined, changed the game
Now you know I ain't playing
Now you see me this my lane
Let me see if you'll perceive this real g as in genius
You would seal the deal to peep and peel anything to make you famous
If we'd beef you would feel the real heat like I was dangerous
But I learned to keep my dignity so keep away
Know I got enough steam to slay
All of these rappers they be my prey
Every cypher a real buffet
You better move and make way
Now make way bitch!

Ima hop on this beat like I own it
I’m presently here in the moment
I let it all go I don’t flex on opponents
I do wat I do I take a sip of the potion
I’m numb to emotion
I don’t feel a thing
I’m broken n hopeless
So Give me the pain
I’m full of these problems
I’m feelin all drained
Searchin for dollars
I guess I need change
I’m losin my traction
Caused by distraction
These women be feelin
The way that I’m killin
She flow like a river
I need a new mattress
The flow is like gold
She said that she’s mine
One lil step n she blow my mind
You got wasted raps
Don’t waste your time

Baby always trippin that the reason why im gone now
Never tried to listen so ill see u when i calm down
Said u never miss me till u seein that i balled out
Made me buy the mall out
Fuck it ima star now
Tell me that she know me, no she fuckin w a rockstar
Never hear her claim a situation wasn't my fault
Never got support but still she askin for a love song
Need to wake up, sinful dreams
You ain't never say what u mean
Can't sip without u im clean
Still keep the snow in my jeans
Hurt me till i can't fall to my knees
I just keep wishin that u know me
When i am in the pits im gon see
Whos gonna patch me up when i bleed
Or if they spillin blood on my sleeves

RT growling, its a kitty
290 demon, going 150
Rear wheel drive, spinning
No time, in and out, dipping
Live for D, itching like 30s
Yerks on me, ik im a fiend
Systems cleaned
Begging please
Purple skies
Laser beams
Third eyes staring back at me
Im on the track how I see 4D
Zoning out, I can feel the weed
I swear I can do anything
Hemi boy, gone cause I love to speed
Who can keep up with me
Feeling like screw in ‘93
Flawless like pac, or wheezy

Ima drop your jaw like ‘say ah’
‘Notha bop for y’all to light off
Yo, if ink is feat then he killed the beat
Every time you hear it, it’s a seance
Ray Charles, the way they can’t see me
King got bars, they scan, I hear the beeping
Man on Mars, what planet are you on?
To have never even heard the astronomical inkling
It's on me, (YUH) I got it
In these skinny jeans with the Chacos, and I rock it (TRUE)
Got freckles, I am polka dotted (Uh)
Pull up with some pens in my frocket (okay)
Got 2 degrees but still burning trees
Til it’s triple Zs, I’m the bee’s knees
Gahdamn! Somebody’s gotta hand it to me
Wouldn’t expect bars out the guy from Ratatouille

Came back like a shooting star
They made a wish and they gat shot
I gat one shot to be in a Cypher
Stand back and i watch decipher
Spit hard like I am a sniper
My sound wave too great
So I shake to hands to make peace
Then I cage em up and that's crazy
Coz I drop bars on them punks
Man I lay waste on these skunks
Big man in them boxers
Small jabs  and they knock out
Knock knock
Ring a bell
Oh no niggas I don't joke around
Lemme be great

I could be the greatest rapper that you ever seen
I don’t need a Molly, I don’t need to pop a bean
I gotta katana and I’m rocking some designer and I got some jeans on like a teen from Arizona
I’m slicing and dicing I’ll eat your heart out like a zombie version of Mike Tyson
Pull up with a blade, pull up with a stick
Time to end your life, time to hit a lick
Moving forward, reaching for the light
Sleeping everyday and then I’m grinding in the night
I come alive in the nighttime
Rolling up my kush and I am sipping on that white wine
Said I'm sipping on that wine wine

And this has been bar code

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