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TESTO - 42 Dugg - SpinDatBac

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TESTO - 42 Dugg - SpinDatBac

You know? (Tst)
Turn me up

This for all my thugs who ain't hear me in a minute
Like, ten Ms comin', when I get it, I'ma split it
This for all my killers, this for all my dawgs
This for all my niggas that I just left behind the wall (Helluva made this beat, baby)
I'm back fuckin' with rods
Nigga, I hear you got 'em for cheap
I'm doin' this shit for y'all, all my lil' ones on the East
I should be preachin' peace
But, you know how I get
Soon as a nigga slip, I'ma throw some in this shit
It's like four somethin' in this bitch
Guess who paid for all the blickys
If Spaz don't make it home, I'ma start by gettin' busy
Tell my lawyer, "Go and get it," got a quarter on her, cash
And, I be in the 'burbs, still'll thump a nigga ass
Bring my pipe and get it mashed, watch me fight, cuz
You'd be surprised how many niggas wanna whack Dugg
Trap jumpin', yeah, nigga, and I rap good
I'ma stand on niggas Gotti 'til they catch up
Ask twelve, is it easy tryna catch us?
I bought my Lamb' truck yellow, but it's matte black
All that actin' like you special, here go five racks (Yeah)
I wanna fuck, boo
And I ain't only get the cash, I bought the trucks too (Yeah)
My bitch got on Rafs too
Like, it's a "Us" thing
My watch almost three hundred thousand, nigga, fuck chains
I just had a Rust game
Yeah, Bricks, how you feel 'bout cuz? Yeah, bitch
Still be on the 6 with it (Yeah)
Young rich niggas (Yeah)
Goin' broke over a ho? I'ma finna fix niggas
I don't wanna rap with 'em, they can't get a pic' with me
Say my name another time I'm goin' bitch shit
And Dawgy, this is big business
Where yo' whip at?
Man, never mind, nigga, where yo' bitch at?
I ain't with the chit chat, that's how I'ma get back
I tote somethin' with a kickback
My Cartier better miss that (Mhm)
Cause you know how I get it
Fours over everything, you know who I'm with (Bitch)
Miss me with the Patty Gang, bae, you know I'm rich
I should tip somethin' (No),
Don't think you caught us slippin', my bitch keep a blick on her
I still be in the trenches, no one pay for sticks on me
Smack cat (What else?), backtrack (Dugg)
If you ain't leave it empty, tell your driver spin it back (Yeah)
Spin that Hummer, spin that Range
He still where I left him, so I know I did my thing (Yeah)
Spin that '
Cat, nigga, spin that track
If you ain't leave it empty, tell your driver spin it back (Duh, duh, duh, duh)

R.I.P. Mark

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