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TESTO - Rudy Grant - Spanish Harlem


TESTO - Rudy Grant - Spanish Harlem

Before I do the crime, let me see if it's worth doing the time
Okay, no disrespect to King Of The Dot, I know the chain real
But it been around a fake rapper neck all year it might've became steel

Yeah, I smack taste out you
I barely know you but I can tell you what I hate about you
You got cow titties, moving around in this wild city
I'm with a Mafia that never been around Biggie

I would tell you to Throw Ya Gunz in the air but that sounds Sticky

You finger killers
Rat, get a up you don't know the cheat code
You would have me in a lineup like a free throw and I ain't even in the game with you
I don't feel that pain with you
I ain't never mask up and do a stain with you
But I will mask up, give an order and take out your food like a PF Chang menu
You eating where?
On my block you'll hear Nas but you'll probably see Dave East appear

You a fruit, at least a pear
To get to my level, your pen gonna have to go through training, for at least a year
Be prepared, for snake niggas, fake niggas
Bitches falling for you for months like Easter near
Keep a gun on you, maybe more than one on you
Or die when they try to kill a real boss like Keisha did
This ain't nothing New Jack
So if I'm shooting from my car you ain't gon' get to see every clip
I ain't Cyssero
You see these five fingers of death? Kiss 'em tho
Cause a shot go off in a Harlem night, we don't miss a toe
You dead boy
You gon' try to tell me where I'm from and I already think you a fag boy
Quiet that, 'fore I fire back
And the last sound coming through your speaker
Is you snorting off your blood through the wiretap
What's really pimping?
I smack the bitch out you and put her on a ho stroll
You take care of these spenders, get back at me or BAOW get back at me
I don't fear these spitters
I'm God, Jesus in the flesh, ain't no controlling that
They looking at this Mr. Strange but that's why I got picked by the road for that
F1-50, before I XLT I was already on the road for that
Who riding with me?
I scare you so bad I make you rob you with me
Don't make us hurt you
The only way you disrespecting ours is if you breaking curfew

Speak up Rone
You got a little hate in your blood I should speak up on
Now y'all know Brenda had a baby but she had to trash it
Cause his father couldn't keep her home

Speak up Rone
I can't let this wait til next time
We got a Colombian Necktie, you did a month in Bedstuy
Figured you thuggish cause you snuck a stolen Christmas tree past the alarm in Best Buy
I show you a star you can reach in the Left Eye

Speak up Rone
Your phony smile is why I don't trust your love
You get MC Gusto love

As far as drugs, you like 'em new or lean, you should've knew not to trust those sluts

Fuck ya stories
If you old dog, shit going down faster than Cane 40
Ain't no 'burban love for a nigga who ain't got the same for me
With my own two eyes I watched you abuse drugs
Walk into a hotel room with another man like you was boo'd up
A few hours later I heard moans and groans but I coulda got it screwed up
The next day, I had to battle you and now you up here acting like you tough

So talk that shit don't joke with me
Cause where I'm from ain't no hope for me
That's why my higher power got me right where I'm supposed to be

You old dusty dick, crusty lip, fucking bitch, suck a dick
You think your brain's got a fucking chip from the government
Or the mother ship? Boy you dumb as shit
You're not Money Mitch and you're not Rich Porter
You saw Paid In Full once and your whole life switched order

Well you tough right, you wanna brawl with the SIG Sauer?
Or we can throw with the gloves like Teddy Bridgewater

Fucking Anthony Haney,
I am your executioner
Lucifer, have him zipped up like the new Dior

Put my G's on him like Gucci store

Let it sing on him like a troubadour

Leave him ass out like some booty shorts
I will check Tone like a tuning fork

I will crush Ant' there's no pacifying that
I will flame Ant' like a magnifying glass

I'll put bottles on ICE, bartender go chill something
Donkey Kong with the Pellegrino, I'm trying to peal/peel something
Harry and Marv', the Sticky Bandits, I'm trying to steal something

I'll lay hands on Head like I'm trying to heal something
Fucking Head ICE, how you bald headed with head lice?
You're too yellow to get green so your career is at a red light
Get your head right, or get it busted with a Mag light
I got instruments to get him kilt and I ain't talking bagpipes

A cut above, I'll prove it when I slash Jeffe
He gon' need a pair of graphs (paragraphs) when I half esse (essay)
This fogie hasn't pulled a tan in the last decade
I'll throw a cross on Head like it's Ash Wednesday

I come up acting religious on you dumb asses
Hold it like a crucifix, when I come at him
Then switch it up last second like I'm gon' stab him
This ain't a cross it's a knife, 21 Savage

Bitch, I give a fuck 'bout your lineage, I put a dot on his head if he Indian

He gon' get jerked if he play the Caribbean

This fake pussy got a buzz, the fuck is he a Sybian?

I'm Philly nice, we live the life that you glamorize
We're really tripping, we're really ripping on samurais
Get him zipped up, Cliff Hux' with the Spanish Fly

I'll beat a chicken like Peter Griffin from Family Guy

Bro, they must've forgot that I could bar your life away
Fuck ICE's age, you look like they threw Michael Che in a microwave

I mean look at what I get paid
I couldn't skate on what ICE get paid
Plus I'm going for the three peat like when Michael played in the '98 title games

So bitch you gon' need a miracle like that Kevin Dyson Titan play

Who you kidding? Back in prison you got pressed like a license plate
So bitch name the time and place I'll show up drinking Elijah Craig

And throw your step mother in a death cutter like I was Diamond Page

You still trying to get booked in New York? But you're striking out like you're Ryan Howard

URL offered him a contract for $8.95 an hour
The way that Smack and Beasley fucked you over and made you look like a coward

You probably had flashbacks to getting Eiffel Towered in the back of a Riker shower

How could you be head of the class when you barely have your faculties?

I've been grilling nationwide with the chain just like I'm Applebees
I got your chick blowing up my phone, it's not a Samsung Galaxy

I'll fuck ICE crush, they crush ICE like I'm making a daiquiri
Bro I'll have her in pad tied and I'm not talking Thai food

I'll give her three lines like a haiku then carve in him that's an ice luge
My thinking ain't like you, my brainstorm is a typhoon
My thought process is too cold, my IQ is ICE cubed

I told you, I done all your wolves like Kris Dunn on the Wolves
They're rookies, roll the cookie give me something to pull
I eat the wolf and the sheep, leave nothing but wool
Rone, I'm like Pamplona I've been running these bulls

That's one

Stop it dyke
You got your Thug Passion from listening to that '
Pac at night

Any rocket blasting off from you is the pocket type
I bet my forearm, you don't know the two crews' name in the Sonny Carson fight
You a fraud and I know it
Had a deal though
But all they needed to do was sign his name on the side of a dildo and he blowing
Don't let him fool you for nothing
If dreads would've approached me for K, he'd a slide on ICE and look Cool Running

You a lame black
Repping Philadelphia but was in Toronto talking 'bout how Freeway got his chain snatched
I hope they catch you in an alley for disrespecting State Property and Beans beat you with the same bat

I don't like Rone the way I think he do
I feel the same way about pink eye too
I ain't Dice Raw so you can leave cause I don't need these type of seeds or branches near my Roots
And that's the first story

I walked through numerous doors and watched you give me the phony smile
I almost blacked but I toned it down
But I wanted to give you everything like the only child
I put blood in your mouth and dirt on your back
Hold your head underwater til you see the release date of where Surf can come back

Gun Titles, don't make me get Roc involved

Quest and Marv is like Wayne and Max when the shots are called
Link up
Who wanted me to win tonight? Put your drinks up
And be ready to pour it on the head of a Rone supporter if they speak up
Pack mentality
I been a king before they asked Pat to battle me

Your Totino commercial was wack in all actuality
I'm just keeping it a G like the check they gon' give me after you battle me
I need Natural Born Killers; Mickey and Mallory

I told you 'bout picking bitches to battle me
So from this point on I'm switching my salary
You appreciate your right and your wrong doings
But the real can't get along to it so from this point on
The chain will no longer be attached to a corn moving
Nigga Philly don't even respect yo' gangsta
You wasn't busting (bussing) nothing til the metro came up
Go to an event out there I bet yo' chain tuck
Cause you softer than a shirt on Jay-Z next door neighbor
Is this Philly finest? I'm asking y'all, "Is this Philly finest?"
Well I get the grip from Frank and pay Reed Dollaz to really find him
Stash the Tec(h) then, give him a Dose of that Kaboom in a Philly diner

My Mac wilding, I been with Chris and Snoop but
Only Marlo know where to really find us
Gangsta! You know nothing about
Crews, meeting up with crews on neutral ground
But leaving with more than just a punch in they mouth
You ain't never had to drag a body that been shot after an after party
Return fire and make it to the car and feel like a lonely person finally have somebody
I ain't trying to get too deep but this ain't virgin pussy he had somebody
Look at him, standing there like he ain't feeling it
Sensitive, Missy pull a Mag' I say "oow", Timbaland let's make a beat
If I only had you and Pat Stay as a customer I make more than Sean Combs made in a week
Take that, take that

Yeah, what? What?
I get accused of it cause y'all don't really know who using it
But these coke boys got more hits than Eminem first three years in the music biz

What? I ain't exposing nothing, it's time you own to something
Standing there like the Jonas Brothers
And we been Trading Places and this the sequel to my movie When a black man is giving money back to the homeless brothers
"Randolph, we're back"

You seen the movie nigga,
yeah you don't belong with greatness
I've been in the hall with fame way before y'all I'm Walter Payton
Step your yards up, after you put your guards up
They don't respect the devil til God's up
So those saints and sinners cause you pair are normal (paranormal) is The Marked Ones

Thank you Jesus
Hallelujah, I take a hit of that holy water then sell Molly to you, I'm hood
So don't ask me if we move the work out
If you don't handle business
The package move you see an arm come out with the thumb up; Planet Fitness

I'm too clever, ICE, losing to you? Never
Before that happen I will walk past you then give you seven snaps to the back of your head, this a New Era

So talk that shit, don't joke with me
Cause where I'm from ain't no hope for me
That's why my higher power got me right where I'm supposed to be
King me nigga


So this round is entitled, '
You Sweaty Faced Old Fuck'
You sweaty faced old fuck, you look like the crying Jordan meme

Perspiration flooding like a torrent stream through his pores and cheeks
Face wetter than Golden State when it's pouring threes
Face wetter than a washed up quarter ki on the coral reef when it storms in the Florida Keys
Face wetter than this seafloor of the foreign fleets that stormed the beach of Normandy
Bro, what's the problem?
Please do not lie to me
You overheated? You got anxiety?
Cause that's not what the team meant when they mentioned "getting the beak wet"
In a matter of three sec's you could sweat through a V-neck
You might be passing the G test but you're not passing the leak test
Cause I'll make a 10 G bet that you're related to Keith Sweat

Yo, you're so sweaty, it looks like your body was covered in Soul Glo

You're so gassed you spit a round and put a hole in the Ozone
You Frisbee'd Real Deal's album, thinking you're so cold
Bitch, I'll download your album and then Frisbee my own phone

{throws his phone into the crowd}

Yo my shit is insane, watch this bitch get erased
I throw shit around and hit a bitch in the face
But you have a terrible habit of always rhyming the same word
You did that shit back in the day, now you still rhyming the same?...Word
You think you're better than me? Who you wanna battle Head?
Your girl come around, she go down, I might as well hit the Head button
That .45, how his head butt in, I'll zip him, get head butting
He's nothing, if Head butt in I'm getting him headbutted
Yo, you think you got the juice old man? But you barely have your fucking, yo...
You got the juice old man? You can't fuck with it, it doesn't even matter
I'ma put his ass through detox, I'll throw the cube's on ICE, best believe I got a mean cross
I'll put the boots to the wolf, that means fur all in my Reeboks and then I'll piss on ICE just to let some fucking steam off
But, you told KG you'd make him fuck Rum Nitty, what a thing to casually say
I know battle rapping is pretty homophobic as it is, but I'm pretty sure that's actually gay
But to your fans who are obsessed with you it's somehow not a factor
They could walk in on you fucking a dude and they'd be like, "That's not gay, that's gangster."
Fucking wolf gang/Wolfgang pushing keys/ki's like he think that he Mozart
You love drive-by's so much you'd try one on the Pope's car
Your license get suspended you're doing drive-by's on a go-kart
Your gun gets stolen, you're doing drive-by's with a blow dart
You're having marriage problems, you do a drive-by to get it straight
Your daughter gets an A, y'all do a drive-by to celebrate
So now most of your friends are dead and that pain hurts
But most of my friends are married and that's way worse
Bro, he'll act like he's got dirt on me but it's coming with the asterisk
Cause we're boys, that's the point, these people don't know the half of it
He'll be like, "I crept on him on Jefferson, with the entrance out the back of it."
I'll be like, "Ah, yeah, I gave you my address when you asked for it."
But I heard about Drake's birthday party, you got the big invite
The biggest moment of your life annnnd you missed the flight
Flying to Drake's 30th could've taken your career to different heights

But I guarantee there will be a 30 in this bitch tonight
You probably show up geeked off your battle with Pat Stay
Thinking the invite meant that your career might have legs
Thinking you had some G status, cause he knew that you bag weight
But if you were at Drake's birthday party with the ki's/keys, you're working the valet
Bro, he's got you shining boots, you're trying to steal wristwatches
You whip the blade out they say, "Perfect we need limes for the gin tonic."
You grab the invite list like, "Let me think on it. He probably wants a pimp on it."
Nah, if you're at Drake's birthday party with the trey/tray, there's probably shrimp on it

That's two baby

Look at bony, tenderoni, try to get all buff on me
When you the type of guy to walk up to a man and say, "A mouth is a mouth" and try to undo his zipper on him
I represent for the real ones that got cell phones in jail
I could just mack a Roney (macaroni) for the cheese cause if we ain't rubbing elbows it's shells
This a wolf vs a zebra, we don't know if you black or white
An Italian that want Catholic stripes
Be with Muslims but you (Jew) too stingy, they gotta ask you twice
I like the part of you that's likable
In this round from time to time I'ma get hype with you
But I'm in no rush, I got all night with you
I made it to this point with an open heart
On my journey was a lot of blood, sweat and tears but I gave no remarks
I stood aside and let the hood decide
Lived off the fame but financially if it wasn't for what I put aside
I wouldn't have the coins to accumulate the bills I need to put you in that suit and tie
Hip hop break up families, shout to those who lost theirs to entertainment
The one who had a real woman by they side and when it was time to prepare for the show
They was just looked at as a ho or a bitch complaining
My heart goes out to the kids who father's can't make up for lost time
And for family members who love they friends more than they own kind
On that note:
Philly, Philly, Philly believe me we go harder
I've been had beef with Toronto, this is for Joe Carter
And y'all suck in battle rap, believe me dummy
Just as much as your country...sucks at being a country
Any nation in this world in fact could take y'all cookies
Cause do Toronto care?
No, ya'll just being cool with being pussy
What? What? Y'all don't like that?
Y'all can't joke with that shit?
Then why is there two chains around the neck of the man WHO WROTE THAT SHIT?

See where I'm from we do background checks
And if a person ain't real right, they get they whole background checked
That's why the face and fraud ain't been back 'round yet
Cause a clip hold 50 and we don't respect y'all rules but we ain't back down yet nigga

Run with me? And it's a gun on three
We won't let shit pass
But front on me? And I'ma stab you and make step-and make you carry the work in yo' shit bag
Yo girl keep mandingos in her mouth
You don't even be tripping
You just wonder why the blacks fuck with her
Well, low prices attract customers
You and Real Deal was cool until me, Poison and Rex ran down on 'em with the camera
You opened the door so you a co-d to the murder, no propaganda

We exposed him for falling asleep in the Jack London

Caught you throwing back beers entertaining two black hookers
As you call 'em
Your smile turned to a frown, we decided to chill and roll up and sat with ya
I wasn't sure if you was mad cause we fucked up your chances of these two black sisters
Or cause you had to sit there and spark a fake conversation that only relate to you and these three black niggas
Battle rap, Roney never break dance
He don't got a graffiti name but he spray cans
He can't quote the Mobb tape
He don't know to get to the top it take E-Z Rob and Mobb Base
If he give you a mem- a trip down memory lane, don't be surprised if he pop in a prom tape
Cause this grandma favorite grandson

Well of course he is
He the only one who don't remember what kind of whore she is
Grandma favorite grandson, is a racist
I'm talking Rudy Giuliani with that
But he wanna put his brain in my body, I guess it's cool to be black

Grandma favorite grandson, grew up to be just as gentle as the smile y'all using on shirt for the sales pitch
But that old bag had too many seeds in it, you sell nicks
Grandma favorite grand- man for that chain I'ma Yung Berg you

You only laugh with one circle, step out that box I'ma tell Day' to suit up
I wanna see you disrespect those G's and apes that come purple
It ain't no question you gay
That ain't the message today
You not a boy from the hood cause you was in the living room coming up with punches
That wasn't the message from Tre
Where's the pussy?

Seeing you with a bitch is rare like using beer as dip for cookies
Get your taste right
And make sure you strap before I take off on you; safe flight
So talk that shit don't joke with me
Cause where I'm from ain't no hope for- you know what?
Meth' wore the chains but we still don't respect your ancestors

Cause you a different kind of Klan member
Y'all don't get it, if he win the chain that's three K's
He a different kind of Klan member

So talk that shit don't joke with me
Cause where I'm from, ain't no hope for me
That's why my higher power got me right where I'm supposed to be
King me nigga

So poor people talk about how rich they are to show the world they're hustling
Meanwhile rich people talk about how poor they are and uh, boy am I struggling
But this shit cannot be true, but word's been going around
I heard that ICE lives in central Pennsylvania now?

That shit broke my heart, in fact it had me fucking bodied
Who gets rich and says, "Fuck it. Kids we're moving to Punxsutawney
I mean, I thought you were destine for stardom
I thought you would break down barriers
I thought the H in your name stood for Harlem
Now what's it stand for? Harrisburg?

I mean it's pretty clear that you were having problems paying your rent
And housing is cheaper where you live now by 80%
But you flashing fake chains and cash homie, what you gotta lie for?
See it's not your fault if you're born poor, but it is your fault if you die poor
See my pops is from Harlem, all of this facts
From Frederick Douglass, your same exact project at that

Then he went from public housing to a physicist who's all in the lab
So either my pop's is a gangster...or you're as soft as my dad
I know what every battle rapper makes, I've held the contracts and I've read the shit
For him to act like he's eating off rap makes me incredulous
You did five battles last year, what a stress on the penmanship
And got paid $2000 a battle and that's being generous
Say $500 a month off merch' if you push it all the time
Say 10 features for $200 if you're really on your grind
If you add that shit together to feed a family of five
You're still 10 grand below the poverty line
So you either swallowed your pride and you got a shitty job
Or you're still selling drugs to lost teens and single moms
Sell hand to hand in crack rock to pregnant ladies like it's the 80's
Damn, I'd at least thought Head would have a soft spot for the babies

Bro, if you're not rich from selling drugs by now then you're terrible at it
Name a more loyal customer than a heroin addict
I mean, y'all thought I'd talk about his age?
But that story's been told and told
People were calling you old ten years ago
ICE, even calling you old is old

But you're not old, you're still out here trying to make that big step
I mean you can't afford to act old cause you still haven't done shit yet
Fucking, New York rappers came and past you and now they're filling stadiums
You an underground O.G.?
That just means there's like six era's you haven't made it in
Yo, when Paid In Full came out, you could barely get funds
It didn't even matter you looked like Rakim's stepson

When Junior M.A.F.I.A. made Get Money, you couldn't get none

When Kurtis Blow made The Breaks, you still couldn't catch one

When A$AP made Peso you couldn't afford a dub

When 50 Cent came out, you couldn't get In Da Club

You'v been passed by every class from Desiigner to Wu
So when Jada' said We Gon Make It he wasn't talking about you

I don't give a fuck if the facts are offending him
Cause any false premises is a set up for a let down
But Bobby Shmurda could serve like four life sentences
And you still wouldn't be popping by the time that he gets out

I mean, what you know about being fulfilled by your day job, playboy?
See, he's trying to play with me knowing that he's not the same as me
When you're done battle rapping, that's the last we'll hear from you
That's not the case for me
You are tethered to a world that doesn't mean shit to me
I'm well paid and self made and I approach the game differently
When I was flying myself to Thailand, the Greek Islands and Sicily
You were in self imposed poverty trying to decide what kid to feed
If you're still selling drugs now, then you're as dumb as those free basers
Them thinking you're a gangster, won't mean shit if you need paper
You have the body of an old man and the mind of a teenager
So even if you win the chain it'll be at a Scranton pawn shop a week later bitch!

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