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TESTO - Mindset - Sorry

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TESTO - Mindset - Sorry

You already know what time it is
VI Seconds

Spaz on the scene
Stepping out, the immaculate team
We shinning on you with new moves
That's a Dazzling Gleam

Matching with me?
Scizor Sixx, boy I ether
Weapon of choice?
Blades, and I roll with em like Korrina
On the feature
It's G. Yee Encored into punchlines

Next to me you Miley
And I'll leave you Lickitung tied
You playing Pokemon
You must be lying
If you never heard of us
I Flash Cannons, light a nigga up
Like Xerneas
Not normal
I'll off Elites out of boredom
Niggas freeze up when I show
I'm stone cold, that's Aurorus

Plus the flow just seems to correspond and mesh like I'm a Protean, Froakiein' change the beat to water when I'm soaking it
The setup is crazy, my hazards out
It's a sweep you can't prevent
When these bitches flock to me in Hordes like I used Sweet Scent
Repent, I play janitor
Get mopped if you test me
I got everything on lock
Get an army of Klefki
So what you know about priority Swagger?
Work hard, don't sleep
Boy you sporing a Cacturne
Crush you and take your money
And no I'm never sorry
Mindset of Lysandre
The goal is to kill EVERYBODY

Flow granite, I damage
You can't stand it
Chill or end up in a bag with zippers like Mega Banette
And I son these trainers like that Mega Zard appeared
This Binacle grew up now I got BARS to spare
You facing greatness
Unprepared teams, boy I body those
My style up
Flyer than ever, I'm Mega Latios
You gotta go
Beast to my city, I'm a savage don
I swing, my little nigga swings too
Mega Kangaskhan
So grab a mon the battles on
There ain't no way you runnin dude
Leave you lookin like a Doublade
How you cut in two
My luck cursed
Catch a Bullet Punch
After the gun burst
Rout3 19, I make it rain and leave you submersed
Fuck yours and his relevance
Take the biggest of sedatives
Girls take all my wood and I go ghost
Better than all you Phantumps
Regi-Yee cause I'm massive
Getting strong jaw, my rock head
They don't, understand him
Can't handle him so they ban him
Fuck around and get blasted with multiple water cannons
Bitch I lift, if you step into my gym you gettin Thrashed
You'll be leaving in a casket
Fuck leaving with a badge nigga

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