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TESTO - Portraits Of Tracy - Someday


TESTO - Portraits Of Tracy - Someday

I found all along that I’m really the captain
Bitch, I know what you’re saying
Is he playing…?
He pulling from the baseline, mentally he praying…
That’s just really his bipolar side talking...
How he talking all the shit but he ain’t walking?
But you gotta give him props
He fight his own battles
Feeling lost in the dark
He never had a candle...
Feeling like some ground beef in a pack of cattle
Deep emotions, he kept in neath’ the mantle
Yet he able and stable
Your favorite fable...
Most niggas would’ve got up and then flipped the table
But no sir, not this one…
No give in!
Real nigga, big balls and some thick skin
Niggas claim they going hard
Oh you doing squats?
My nigga please sit down, you just shitting
Main goal was to walk away with the game
Then I found myself
A loser with some dreams, mane
Step-pops told me, Nigga its a dream mane’...
Shitted on my heart, I thought about it night and day
It’s a piss in the wind!
You need to give it up
They gon’ hear your shitty music and won’t give a fuck
I put my blood and my sweat and my tears
Nigga I’d be damned, If I let you get up in my fears
Nigga imma tell you off, yeah straight from here
All you niggas talking shit listen loud and clear
Black boy been working too fucking long
For you bitches just to get up in his fucking ear
Millipede minds, why niggas y’all stay following?
Can you keep count of the nuts you’ve been swallowing?
Kissing hella ass, so emotions been bottling
First to admit it, I ain’t scared come and die with me
Nigga I’m a nasty bitch
You can’t fathom this, 18, legally you can hold the dick
Hold up pause, bring it back, cause
You would think I’m Richard Reid the way I’m tryna blow lil bitch
This in my soul lil bitch
I just go lil bitch
Got hater niggas
Setting up they rope and shit
You know, I don’t give a fuck please kick the chair
Here or there, nigga please anywhere
I’m on
Gone, build an empire nigga roam
Centurion bitch like I’m made of stone
Clone, nigga you can’t ever hold your own
Bitch tell me if I’m just wrong look to up the sky
Beacon, I’m the mother-fucking light
You looking at me funny cause you know a nigga really boutta rise
I can see the tears in your eyes
Hold me down nigga, just try, nigga just try
You ain’t got a plan laid out
Why you mad when I move now?
Gotta do my own thing
Bitch, badda boom badda bing
Dirty ghetto kid get Kareem
Why you can’t you see?
Just not for me (huh?)
This for the niggas that dream (wha?)
My fountain of youth, is just speaking to you
Can we breathe, nigga oh please
Nigga oh please
If you can’t see my vision, please stick with a day job
Backseat daytripper, noticing your heartthrob
Don’t stop, nigga keep going
Bury those dreams, so ya family don’t know it
Then you have a kid, eyes all sparkly and shit
Try to put it all on them
If you followed all this
They would say fuck that shit
Then they’d make you their bitch
Hoe, I live that shit
I looked up in the mirror, with a glare
Asked myself two questions
Am I here or over there?
Ain’t no telling where they’ll be when
All our stars are here
Feel the magic, see them tear up
They can only stare
I know some way
They say someday
We’ll all get it
And we’ll soar high
I know some way
They say someday
We’ll all get it and they’ll all feel it
I know some way
They say someday
We’ll all get it
And we’ll soar high

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