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TESTO - Icewear Vezzo - Snowman

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TESTO - Icewear Vezzo - Snowman

If we fuck, you might get lucky then
Man, I put that pussy right to sleep and then I tuck it in
Icy pumpkin piece sit on my T, ain't gotta tuck it in
Don't troll with sticks, you ain't gon' blow that bitch, you better not up it then (Mama, Ka
Saun made a hit)
We gon' stretch 'em all (Yeah)
Never show my hand, shit, life a deck of cards (Ka—)
Bro know I ain't playin', this Pokémon, bitch, we gon' catch 'em all
This Tesla got me teethin', I be leanin', like my syrup raw (Skrrt)
AP feel anemic, I be freezin', caught two birds of raw
I'm too turnt, I never stress for hoes (Yeah)
Rather bless my man before I bless a ho (Ka—)
Fifty on my mitten, I got big Gretchen on (Big Gretchen)
Love to fuck on rats, but I hate pissy hoes
You know how we comin', ain't with that trollin' shit
Got dezzy on, we clappin' shit
Love the Acty mix, the diamonds purp', look like a taffy stick (Ka—)
Blue tips on that fin gon' hit his head 'til he do backwards flips
Two hundred in my pants and twenty bands to get my package sent
Crack the whip (Skrrt), get to smackin' shit, look like an accident
These hoes'll move like niggas, but these niggas act like hoes that's on they period (Ka—)
Better snatch a soul, I don't take you serious (Uh-uh)
Two thousand dollar collar, this Bravado, don't like '
Miri shit (Ho)
Neck look like a laser, got two razors in my earrings lit
Get your folks hit, ain't goin' live with niggas I got smoke with (Ka—)
Pourin' mud with robbers, feel like Jeezy back in '06 (Feel like Jeezy)
Unc' don't want no blow, if it ain't feezy, might get dope sick
Let her snort some snow, might get Van Cleezy if that throat hit
Back then, was GMB, it's CMB, we shine like CMG (Ka—)
Switchy on that stick, that bitch a G, I call that EST (Bitch)
Never copped a plea or called no troops, my shit on DND
Fuck rap, we in the streets, got what you need, this bitch a DMV
If that bitch plain, then we gon' blow it down (Bust it)
Percocets and Xans, I need to slow it down (Ka—)
You gon' take that stand or you gon' hold it down?
Used to be my mans 'til he went fed soon as he go to trial
Presi' frozen band, this Richard, damn, this bitch two forty-five (Ooh)

Fuck niggas talkin' 'bout, nigga? (Ka—)
Live from the six, live from the six
Drank God

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