Softies ft. Softies

Sixteen Months

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TESTO - Softies - Sixteen Months

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TESTO - Softies - Sixteen Months

Sixteen months just wasn't long enough
To change your mind
But I'm sure you knew that all along
I was much too young
And you were much too far away to think
That I might think about you when you're gone

What did you wear how steep was your climb
What did you have in your pockets at the time
How long did it take how much did you care
What side of the street did they find you waiting there

Sixteen months leaves little to remember even though
I have the photographs to prove that you were there
Now and then I think about the way you might have been
But other times I'm just so angry I don't care

What did you say and who did you tell
What could I have done
That might have saved you from yourself
How did it feel and what went through your mind
What did they do with all the things you left behind

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