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TESTO - Alice Phoebe Lou - Shelter

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TESTO - Alice Phoebe Lou - Shelter

Underneath the armour that I wear
There's something sweet and full of care
In the morning, picking flowers
In my head, I was giving them to you

You showed me things I've only seen in dreams
And there's something magic about this whole thing
Open your door and let the air in
Nothing's set in stone, my love
But you can't change everything
I'd forgotten how to pray
It can be so hopeful to give in that way
I was chasing ghosts into dark alleys
I wasn't making the most of everything surrounding me

Gonna take shelter, gonna run for cover, yeah
With only myself looking out for me
I'm done seeing what everyone else sees in me
I just have to feel it for myself
I'm done putting everyone in front of me, yeah
I just have to look out for myself

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