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Shed Tears

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Shed Tears di Crazy e Crazy contenuta nell'album It’s Crazy Out Here. “Shed Tears” è una canzone di Crazy. Shed Tears Lyrics.

TESTO - Crazy - Shed Tears

This is Stress reporting live from New Orleans
Now in breaking news
the world is still in shock over the shooting of Tupac Shakur
who died six days after being shot
And it was yet, another shocker, six months later
When a bullet claimed the life of rapper Notorious B.I.G.
The rap world is in shock, wondering, what will happen next

I Shed Tears for the World
I Shed Tears for the World

Father please send a sign now, I can barely breath
Is it jealousy? Mixed with alcohol and weed?
Hopin' Daddy didn't curse me, when he dropped the seed
See this white man's drugs, is the black man's greed
Dear Lord I shed tears, for the whole wide World
So many people died of AIDS or either hooked on furl
What I would give to see my Uncle Rodney, for one last time
Niggas beatin' charges in the feds 'cause they droppin' dimes
I keep my mind on my music and my jingles
The store's closed and I'm broke, I'm rollin' singles
Mingle with the women, if I could
Undercovers in the 'Ville tryin' to, bust my hood
Daily, I keep my Nikes on, ready for static
They keep talkin' revolution, I been had my automatic
And the President screamin' war
when the world is full of starvin' kids
Just to keep his sex life hid
I shed tears

I Shed Tears for the World
I Shed Tears for the World

People worried about tomorrow, me I'm livin' for today
Tryin' to make a way, pay the rent where I stay
Ain't nothin' comes for free playas, you best to learn that
Specially this fire weed, so let me burn that
Every black leader we had, is in the coffin
You wonder why, we don't run for President more often
Medgar Evers wasn't scared, to lead and do his thing
That's why I love, Malcolm X and Doctor King
And let 'em reign, our voices, speakin' for us all
Hate crucified them, but their words'll never fall
They got us lookin' up to mob figures as our heroes
Compared to the Black panthers, them fools zeroes
Alex Haley took us back, to where our roots begin
Thou shalt not kill, that's our peoples biggest sin
Black women stop havin' abortion, 'cause that's all we got
Wait for you to die just to take your spot
I shed tears

I Shed Tears for the World
I Shed Tears for the World

The white cops are on the streets again, tryin' to protect me
(Why don't you niggers go back to Africa?)
Can you direct me?
I might just get lost God, 'cause it's a long trip
I put the Hennessey to my lip, and take a sip
My Momma's mad 'cause I got gold teeth
I try to tell her when you got cash it's so sweet
When you can pay your bills
and take a thousand dollars worth of jail calls
from your wife
And still screamin' it's my life
Shit's been hectic, since I signed with HardHead back in '94
Took me just to leave just to see some dough
Me and my nigga Henry stay beefin'
But even brothers fight
So let's make a mil fool and keep it tight
'cause I love our farer, we got diamonds in the rough
Our shit's like indo, hit the streets niggas and take a puff
Even now I'm in my project, watchin' quarters hurl
God forgive me 'cause I'm broke, I shed tears for the World

I Shed Tears for the World
I Shed Tears for the World

Man y'all must've lost your mind or somethin
I'm sittin here readin about how you motherfuckin white folks
done burnt down the rainforest, know what I'm sayin?
Bad enough you motherfuckers put drugs in our communities and shit
turnin all our peoples into dopefiends
NOW you motherfuckers tryin to suffocate us, you know what I'm sayin?
Bad enough y'all fucked up the O-Zone layer
y'all put rockets in the sky and fucked the O-Zone layer up
If God wanted you white motherfuckers to fly
he'd give you bitches wings, you know what I'm sayin?
I'm gettin sick of all this shit y'all doin, you know what I'm sayin?
y'all got us fucked up man
Motherfuckers talkin' bout war, what we gonna die for this time?
Last time our Afro-Americans went over there
on the front line in Vietnam, we died of a plastic
What we gonna die for this time? Earl? Hanh?
We gonna die for Earl? For you motherfuckers?
We gonna go get killed for some motherfuckin earl
and get on the motherfuckin wall
That's what they gon' put us on? A wall?
Talkin' about we died for our motherfuckin country?
Ignorance is you motherfuckers worst enemy, you know what I'm sayin?
But you don't know no better, so I shed tears for you
Every night I get on my knees and I pray
for the whole world, that everything change, you know what I'm sayin?
I know God'll be here in no time
to get his people, you know what I'm sayin?
Believe me I shed tears for the world, for you

I Shed Tears for the World
I Shed Tears for the World


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