The Alchemist

Seasons Change

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TESTO - The Alchemist - Seasons Change


Di povertà
Di povertà ri- (Alright, I'm up, uh)

Early morning I peel my body off of the couch
Like Billy Joel said "I'm moving out"

After school I scoop my son, take him to Bluey's house

He said "Daddy, I got an ouchie"
I told him I'd kiss it and make it better and now he's happy (How 'bout now?)
Cheerio crumbs and snacks in his lap living carefree
The California sun came through the window while I was taking in the breeze
The seasons changing and like that, we raking in the leaves
Eat a turkey with the family, hang ornaments on the tree
Life's a funny circle
Pouring juice in a sippy cup, he like the one that's purple
Next thing you know a ball of clay becomes a person
When I was young I spent the summer surfing
Made a bunch of bad decisions coming up, nothing is perfect
If I could do it over I wouldn't change the script (Wouldn't change shit)
Signature style with the famous drip
Hash sizzle inside the spliff like a bacon strip
The game is fixed, I'm Michelangelo with a painting, sit
The finer things in life are overrated
Designer clothes fade, get overdated
Feeling depression when I drove Mercedes

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