Duane Eddy ft. Chuck Berry

School Days

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TESTO - Duane Eddy - School Days


TESTO - Duane Eddy - School Days

Twenty-minute song
(It's not actually twenty minutes)

Duey! Put on something creative

Duey, you're so fucking DIRTY, hehehe
Oh, boy
Is there any way that I can put a melody over this?

Yeah! I am the melody

Hate me, nigga, hate me
You a dummy, funny lady
I’ll name you Katie

Talkin' shit, you like a baby
I cannot understand

I keep that commie Tommy gun under my pants

In my hands, make you dance
Fuck a no-melody
, I am the melody
Kill the beat, Marric and I catching felonies

I am not listenin' to what you’re tellin' me
I am not buyin' the shit that you’re sellin' me
I’m in the cut with Sir. Duey, he dirty

I’m making this art 'til I’m well over thirty

Or forty, you buying that clout, get aborted
You niggas unworthy of being awarded
For anything other than being recorded
As some of the worst niggas labelled important
Go put some more in
You like a moron, I ain't talking foreign
But, nigga, I’m tourin'
Keep up the pourin' that poison yo' organs
I'll keep puttin' powder front of my forehead

Poppin' them pills
Til these artists, there’s more dead
Ain't snortin' nothin' but Smarties and Warheads (Yay!)

Huh, hm, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
And I'm like, hm, and I'm like, hm (Wendigo x Dillinger beat)
Huh, you trash, huh

I’m sick of you niggas, I’m sick of you bitches
Go say what you want about me and my riches
You fakin' statistics
These niggas be leaving they lipstick on top of my dick tip
Pussy, I whiff it from miles away (Okay)

I will never work with niggas that do shit for clout 'cause they dry like a pile of hay (Yuh)

Ain’t nothin' new nigga (Yuh)
Ain’t shit to do wit'cha (Yuh)
I’m pushin' shit like Van Gogh or Kanye

In the van, go
from LA to The Bay and then back
Cause I’m very much missin' my bae (My bae)
Hair on my dick and my face and I shave it with mace
and erase it
Flow into the drain
Ain't came here to play
What you wan' say?
One of these days I'ma blow-up like Hiroshima

No, sir, I don’t buy no plays
I don’t even care if you listen

You shittin' or pissin'?
You ain't missin' nothin' important
Bitch, it’s a blessin' that through all the stressin'
I get to take what I imagine and form it
You an informant
As in you know about me
You informing the people
You scorn it
Aren’t you bored yet?
To get that clout, all these fakers will forge it

I am so pure and so gorgeous
I’m sick of you niggas, I’m sick of you whores
Pimples in all of your pores
Walk on all fours, can't open doors
Where are my thumbs? I am too dumb
I’m sick of you niggas, I’m sick of you bitches
Go say what you want about me and my riches
I'm swimmin' in ditches, I'm dippin' through gullies
I keep an eye open like Mike who with Sully

I'm bitchin', I'm bitchin' niggas in the kitchen whippin'
I'ma grip a stick and I'ma stir slowly

Niggas be wishin' the worst for me
I'ma do me, I'm my own homie
Don't owe you nothin', you don't know me
Ain't wrote for me
I grip a stick, I wrote a poem, not a rap
I'll be slappin' when the money’s bottle caps − Fall Out

With niggas that care about all clout
I'm hangin' wit' Wendigo
We in New York and we sticker the city
I'm hangin' with Dillinger, spittin' it witty
I rap on the track like I diddle her kitty
, I get an O' for like fiddy

Gas, no, I don't smoke with no biddy
Pass, Spider Gang
titty committee

(Shoutout that cute-ass nigga Chris, mwah, nigga)


Kill all the beatnicks

Kill all the faggots and anyone who seek dicks

Face tats and fake plays, uh
Waste cash and make no moves
I got bass crackin' my plays, uh

Raise Dragon Live, channel number 2
My mama told me sideways I would have to get outside, find my place, uh
My mama shares my migraines, look too hard at me, might get eye pains, uh

Lipstick on my limp dick
Mommy, I want a skateboard
Mommy, I want to rape whores

Mommy, where’s Daddy?

Mommy, what that man came for?
I don’t like you
I don’t appreciate your tone of voice when you talkin' to me
Up in a tree, I am so free, caw

Who want to breed with me? (Ah)
Make more of me, make more of me
You are my spawn, look up and feed

I'm in a tree like we KND
Dirty, Apollo, Kaka, and Mazi

Solsa down under, he sippin' his pee
Hangin' a wallaby up in a tree (Ha, ha)

I’m gonna rap like Eminem this time


A tin can of some ham, lamb, and damn, man
Havin' a grand slam, jabbin' it

Mad stamina, damn it
Can famine and crammin' an animal into a pan
Damage the cannibal Hannibal’s hands

Bird berry, walk in my Burberry's,
I herd Mary
Edible eating, credible medical-speaking fellow
My turd scary, smellin' like burnt Mary
A word fairy
How did he learn? Where’d he intern?
Fern carryin'
With a stern stare, he’ll burn holes in your mental
Fennel seed scent
With a rental key to event
I got lots of tea if you spendin'
Ain’t meant to be in your business
I gotta go pay the rent
I’m givin' up tree for Lent

I’m beatin' it 'til it bent

No, no, no, no, no
Stop it

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Who is? Who is?

Great, great, great
A couple people in my face, face, face
No other nigga’s songs droppin' like the bass, bass, bass do
Thunder blunt, keep it a hunnid, some it laced, laced, K-2

At the summit, ho', you want it? Take it

Ayy, ayy, ayy, fool
Why you runnin' from the nothin' in ya' heart? It always catch up
Go and buy some marijuana, I forgot my fuckin' ketchup, uh
If you step up, better have some shit to say, say, say, to me
Don't waste my time, it isn’t real in the first place, fool
I like hairy bitches, uh
I like hairy bitches, uh
Bitches with hair, uh, hm
I like hairy bitches, uh
I like hairy bitches, uh
Bitches with hair, uh

I'ma do this shit eleven hours in advance
Hey, Luis, do yo' dance
Give 8XNE8 back his bands, scammer

If he talkin' shit, I gotta hit him with the ban hammer, ugh

If you hear this nigga, I know that you can't handle
I don't gotta cook a story, grippin' on a panhandle, ugh
What you talkin' 'bout? (Uh) Nigga, who is that?
Fuck a fake friend, all you pussy-bitches stupid cap
Got it out my system like my fecal with the sewer rats

Shaka Laka Zulu, huh

New year, thirty new you's
What we should do?
Is move the fuck on, huh
Walk through the valley, yes, I walk through the rain
And the puddles, nigga, do not get it muddled
All these humans are insane, huh
Half Metal Kaiba with a blade, runner

Movin' like a wave in a cave
Hunter aimin' at yo' brain
Brain, brain, brain liquid
I feel like Eddy
, grip machete
I'm addicted
But not by definition 'cause I kicked it
Fl.vco needs his beauty sleep

Men have become truly weak (Wow!)
Why are they abusin' me?

Why are they abusin' me?
Why are they abusin' me? (Wow!)
Fl.vco needs his beauty sleep
Fl.vco needs his beauty sleep

Fl.vco needs his beauty sleep (Wow!)

Men have become truly weak
Why are they abusin'?
When I've become truly weak (Wow!)
(Yuh, yuh, nah, nah)
(Yuh, yuh, nah, nah, okay)

Shoutout Cadaver, yuh

And for the record, screamin' "Yuh" behind your own vocals is overplayed

Fuck adlibs

I will make your corpse dance (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

I will make your corpse dance, your corpse dance
I will make your corpse dance, your corpse dance

Yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh

Look both ways before you cross the street

Jumpin' niggas, Frogger
, a logger, I'm smokin' down a tree

Rotatin' blades bring him to his feet (Vroom, vroom)
Starin' at you, sippin' my lager, I'm standin' down the street
Care about my kin, I'm a father but do not bow to me
Bow to God, bow to her pussy that drippin' on your meat

Why you never holler unless you got somethin' else you need?
Bitch, I ain't the caller, there’s many niggas who be like me

Feel like me, feel not free, moo
"Sand nigga! Dune coon!"
I heard it all before up in the schoolyard, ooh

Bitch, that hurt my feelings, I'll put you in the fuckin' floor

Yo' soda purple, must be sippin' on that Codeine

My soda yellow, hydrochloride
, what a ho' mean?
Talkin' Promethazine
, I will fuck you and your homies
I’m a whore, nigga, got some balls? Then show me

Go pee (Psss)
, on my face, I got no teeth
Water tap on bloody bony finger, Tony

In New York, I sock your cronies if they phony
I'm lonely, my only friends are toy ponies

(I'm lonely)

Ayy, shoutout that nigga Thraxx, man
Haha, shoutout that nigga Thraxx, haha


Fendi, Prada, Gucci on my waist, huh
Then your daughter coochie at my place, huh

Then I slaughter booty like a race, huh

When she gotta poopy, do me face, yes

That way you can waste less, Hollywood faggot
Shove it up ya' ass and then drag it
I'm a hot bitch if I drag it

Bag him and tag it, uh
Don’t get mad at me, I'm a faggot

Walkin' down Sunset Boulevard
, I've had it
Bruhmane asking what I'm mad at

All of that fag
Pussy chatter like he Claptrap

Nap sack full of marijuana and some rap cap
Hate on me all you want, you leave comments on my shit

Companies are scared to post me, 'prolly ran by half a bitch

You keep race a thing we trippin' on, but I don’t give a damn, uh

Color myself in with Sharpie just because I can

Yo' choppa kill niggas, buss until they dead
My choppa heal niggas, bussin' at they heads
Yo' choppa feel bigger, fill it with some lead
My choppa real hitter, I hide it from the Feds
Yo' choppa kill niggas, buss until they dead
My choppa heal niggas, bussin' at they heads
Yo' choppa feel bigger, fill it with some lead
My choppa real hitter, I hide it from the Feds

Niggas really need to stop, fuck sittin' with us, man
Spider Gang
I'm off a quaalude
, right now, yeah
Go stupid for a dumb little bitch with a dick

Lil' tranny goin' thirty, I see jay in her lips

Is it gay? Give a shit

Lay you out like my fit

Like a piggy in Hawaii, gettin' hot up in the pit

Lit a ciggy at the light and then pass it like a spliff
I'm dirty-ass nigga, grip her hips at the party
Go stupid, go retarded, make a scene if you get carded
I’m an artist − possibly the hardest ever hit a beat

Sorry, got my nut up on yo' fitted sheet
Nigga, how you been this week?
Tell me while she finish me
I am never industry
Semen like I'm in this meat
Streamin' down yo' sister cheek

Yo' plug got a fist of weed
Bitch, go use some Listerine
Or maybe some Mr. Clean
Til yo' mouth is blistering

Headlights bright, hemp wick on my light
In-N-Out Tray Cluch, CRMSYN
rollin' outta sight
Pack the cookies down tight, then we stop for a bite

Got the fries on my left, lemonade on my right

Outta sight
Rollin' so the pine tree bounce around
Never outta green because we always keep a ounce around

RAW paper packet, got the tucks and I attack it

Smokin' bleached shit, you ain't got the sharpest tool to hack it
Put it bluntly,
can’t receive a dime and try to front me
Then you shouldn’t tell me that you want weed
Tell that fuckin' cunt, "Leave"
Ridin' too high to keep a downer 'round
Turnin' up a poundin' sound
Roll and pass around a pound
Go stupid for a dumb little bitch wit' a dick
Go stupid for a dumb little bitch wit' a dick
Go stupid for a dumb little bitch wit' a dick
Go stupid for a dumb little bitch wit' a dick

I produced this song

I made this beat
I'm so proud of myself

Shoutout Johnnascus

Johnny boy, Johnny boy, playin' wit' his army toys
Johnny tell his mother let him hang out with the brawny boys
Scrawny as he is, he hold his own against the bully
He pull out his hair and yell at them they aren't fully people

Then they beat the fuck out the kid 'cause they want to

Piss on his chucks if he think he know Kung Fu

Bear that he hug tight, take it, now it’s gone too
Off his head with the bite of his front tooth
"Bitch, what you gon' do?"

Outta sight, 'bouta fight, but he hesitate
Tongue he bite 'til he tell the bigger fella, "Wait, it isn’t right"
Pulled out his Cabela knife and gut the motherfucker

you suc
, tell the others if they come around this way, you gettin' stuck up, did I stutter?"
Run from Johnny, he’s crazy
"Mommy, I think Johnny has rabies!"
"Save me, that little boy is shady!"

(SONNATIC, shut the fuck up!)


Yuh, yuh, yuh
Rickety stick hit Cedric Diggory

Wicker Man lit, you sick of me, picket me
Know I been tied up

Finger; bobby pin, he prick
Backwood lobby, suck my dick
Burn down the hotel like a wick
Wick, wick, flick Bic

Like I said one million times
I feel lightning fill my spine
Suckin', bitin' when they rhyme
Pissy face, I lick a lime
Kiss my dick tip, you a dime

Keep a quarter in my mind all times

I don't give one fuck about meetin' a nigga
These little-ass kids on IG with they pictures

I went to school and I read all my scriptures
Maybe then God will let me into heaven

And I can look down at the pedophile reverends

That burnin' in Hell for not learning they lessons

Steady molestin', no biblical sessions
Ayy, that’s the nigga that gave me depression
"What’s up?"

Oh, hey, just burning eternally

"Oh, cool"
Wish it was that simple
How to pop a pimple
Squeeze until you bleed
I got momma dimples right up on my cheeks

I am up in the dead of night (Hmm)
Fall in love if you fed him right, yuh
Bitch, I'm up in the dead of night (Hmm, hmm)
Yuh, yeah, yeah, yuh, huh
Rat race, okay
Move your feet if you wit' it
Searchin' back page, okay
All the cool shit got deleted
, got a flat face (Woo)
My Asian bitch got a fat waist

All you pussy niggas are in last place
All these pussy niggas, know you're shit
All these pussy niggas, know you're shit
Shoutout Killtak

(So, I just really want this one to sound like a steaming pile of shit)
Listen, Muppy, make this beat sound like garbage-made (At a reasonable miles per hour)
Alright? Oi

I just took a whip it in the back of my friend’s whip (Okay)

Whip it if the cops wanna start shit, we end it (Yuh)
I just popped a LEMON Quaalude, I was lended

You just on the Xannies
, Perc' 30, you pretendin'
I took off her panties, work dirty like my collar blue
My dollar's blue

Niggas paying Darkie for a comment and a follow, too

Hollow foo', industry will swallow you, all of you
Where that nigga Yahweh? You was callin' too

Nowhere, nowhere to be found
See you pound on your head
He has to be around, right?
Sound bites, as in wave eats

He don’t save fleets
Say, "Please," bitch, you will obey me, nigga
Hey, team, let’s go make a movie, should be way clean
Lights, camera, dick under my UZI with a gay beam

Spray cream
Hahaha, yuh, uh
Oh, man, I'm so gay

Methhead lay down on my deathbed, oh, yeah
I love the way it hold me so bad, oh, man
Nigga, send the digits if you will not send a fuckin' location

I'm that nigga usually cool, but now I got no patience
Pussy niggas speakin' on me unwisely
Pussy niggas tweak in they tweets most likely
Would these niggas get on they feet? Advise me
I can see you clear off this weed, no Visine
I can see you clear off this weed, no Visine (Wee)
I can see you clear off this weed, no Visine (Ooh, yuh, yuh, yuh)
I can see you clear off this weed, no Visine
I can see you clear off this weed, no Visine
I can see you clear off this weed, and I’m high, G

Dirty nigga, take care of your personal hygiene
I can see you, I spy with my little eye
A little man, small fry on his inner thigh

Hop a fence, leave yo' grandma behind
I feel somethin' tense, wrap around and it bind, yuh

Now I know what you're thinking
This song is getting kinda to the end (True)
That means some cool shit must about to happen

S, play the beat

Hahaha, this nigga sound hairy, hahahaha

Ooh, ooh
Yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh

Fuck you niggas talkin' 'bout?
Bitch, you hella pussy
Many kitties flockin' round
In yo' city, talkin' loud
I can see you walkin' out
While I'm rappin'
I'm a dog owner
I yell at the cat then
Kick his backend, uh
I know why these niggas yappin'

Cause they mad that I'm attackin'
Everything they holdin' dear
Being racist, live in fear
Being hateful, killin' queers

Let a Darkie smoke marijuana while walkin' trail of tears

Bitch, I rip out my hair, I wanna put niggas on they rears
You can say what you ponder, we kinda don't even need you here
Suicide, commit suicide, yeah, I tried to

Sad, turned mad when I figured I was lied to, huh
What the fuck you offer to a nigga like me?
Run that shit back to the curb, off a nigga, we’ll see
In the cut, sew it up, dealin' stitches, no fee
Straight mixin' up this shit, bathwater, cup of tea
Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh
My boys on my back
12 pull up when we shootin' for a track, wack
Slide to the crib in the back
Baby-ass kid got a bib for the yak
Sky with the brake dust
And under it gun they make bust
And under it LA break trust
And under it all they fake us, like
Mannequins up in the pike
These Anakin bitches is killin' the light

I’m bikin' bitch go take hike
I ain't yo' Darkie and you ain't my type, yuh
Light fire to grass get water or rock on it
Ground pound like I taught her to hop on it

Round sound, no squares in my circle
One loud round when we passin' the purple
No bummin', no hits off of Brahman
, I call that shit robbin'
He leave you red like a robin

Birdie hop out of the nest without wearin' a vest
On his chest, already mobbin'
Pull up and you stutter
My face in the neon, it making you panic (Panic, huh)
Manic depressive unless I got blunt in my face

Little boy, what you be on? What’s happening?
Fakin' (Ugh), illusions and smoke on reflectors
They never said they protectors (Ugh)
Protect us I bet, then wet us
Let us be sheep for the lettuce (Ugh)

Get us
They judge us ain't even met us
I gotta hop on my shit right quick (Ugh)
We swimmin' the current, they tryin' to net us

put bruv on the shit right quick
Til Spider Gang
get up

That's the whole song
It's done right now

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