Mike Sherm

Run It

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TESTO - Mike Sherm - Run It

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TESTO - Mike Sherm - Run It

Slumped 808's
Yeah, yeah
Run it, yeah
We gonna run it, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I keep all them toolies my city on lock
Lil' homie you flexin' but where is your guap?
I keep me some shooters that stay up the spot
They raid this bitch out like they was the swat
I got that choppa on me
Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo and it spray for the free
Talk all that shit but that talk be so cheap
Tryna be me 'cause I get paid to speak
And bitch I’m on go that Glock it be boomin like Metro
And just like a truck bitch my lungs blowin' diesel
Get hit with that lead no number 2 pencil
I’m all on yo head yeah all on yo temple
If you ain’t talkin' money then what is you talkin' for
I got some shooters that spray for the pay
Big 40. with a green beam on the aim
Thotty with the shits she gon' tell me where you lay
Then I pull up broad day with the K , Aye
Pull up broad day with the K
Your life is over we rollin' the script
We sendin' some shots, you know they gon' hit
Bitch I Pull up six deep
Huh we leave em six feet
And I’m with all the action
I'ma pull up skeet skeet

My lil' homie wet your block
We gon' slip and slide that block
With the mop
No games just tricks we got a lot
I hit me a jug and stay stickin' and movin'
Yeah pass me the rock 'cause I really be shootin
And if you ain't act right your ass can get left
Sendin' these shots I feel like a vet
Pass her right back it was an assist
You talk all that shit I pull up make a mess
Like a bad kid I’m beatin' your ass
I hop on the beat and I’m 'bouta spaz
I like bad hoes, Mike Sherm I'ma asshole
Shells so big Mario couldn’t dodge those
Nah I don’t play tag but I’ll tag a nigga toe
I'ma act up, I'ma let it all go
Now she wanna link 'cause a young nigga on
Trust up in a stick it could never go wrong
Smokin' propane, yeah I’m smokin' that gas
She throw me that pussy but I had to pass
Fanatiic be killin' shit I’m on they ass
I’m runnin' this shit like I’m all in the track
This ain’t a beanie bitch this a ski
Trust me on god you don’t wanna link, yeah, yeah
I keep all them toolies my city on lock
Lil' homie you flexin' but where is your guap?

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