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The Strawbs

Round and Round

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Round and Round di The Strawbs contenuta nell'album Hero And Heroine. “Round and Round” è una canzone di The Strawbs. Round and Round Lyrics.

TESTO - The Strawbs - Round and Round


TESTO - The Strawbs - Round and Round

I drew the blade across my wrist E DTo see how it would feelA E DLooked into the futureA E DThere was nothing to reveal D EFor we were just the product D EOf the ever spinning wheel...D E ARound and round we go...Come and see meWhen the screw has turned another turnIt's not that I'm confusedI have an awful lot to learnBut I will be the oneTo make you work for what you earnRound and round we go...After allIt's just the revolution I despiseThe dawn of revelationsAnd the flower power prizeI pity those poor childrenWith no sunshine in their eyesRound and round we go...


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