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TESTO - Pulley - Reality


TESTO - Pulley - Reality

This is a little story about a lazy old man
It's been years and years
And years gone by without a solid plan
Digging deep for motivation
Why it seems so hard to find
He's been living like this for oh so long
This way of life stuck in his mind
A good kick in the ass is what he needs
No one hears his silent pleas
Although people around him would tend to agree
A life of living this is a bad disease
It's a bad disease
It's a bad disease
It's a bad disease
A will for change is a thought desired
To achieve his goals to take him higher
In his thoughts he seems to care
But this laziness lingers in the airs
A fresh breath not polluted with this disease
I can hear him screaming saying please...
Please...please. help me now
Take me by the hand
This rut i'm in, makes me so bland
So used to sitting, sitting on the couch
Feeling like a fucking goddamn slouch
When will he see the reality?

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