Statik Selektah ft. Sean Price - Statik Selektah

Ralph Lauren’s Closet

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Ralph Lauren’s Closet di Statik Selektah e Sean Price Statik Selektah contenuta nell'album The Balancing Act. “Ralph Lauren’s Closet” è una canzone di Statik Selektah. Ralph Lauren’s Closet Lyrics.

TESTO - Statik Selektah - Ralph Lauren’s Closet

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TESTO - Statik Selektah - Ralph Lauren’s Closet

Statik Selektah
Statik Selektah, uh-huh, Thirstin Howl

Sheepdog flick said he fold gazelles
Thirstin Howl style like Orson Welles
Believe the rumors, spread the gossip
My polo wardrobe right out Ralph Lauren's closet
Swimming pools in the winter room
Sharkskin fins sniffs with a silver spoon
Retrain abba, jumpin' the turn style
The knitted fit snug just 'cause of the workout
Gave orders in the slave quarters
A good deed breeds when it's paid forward
Unified by the test of time
Love and loyalty for the rest of life
Christmas cards dipped in art
Heavenly memories, centuries of hidden scars
Angel voices, nature's choices
Life a death stretch, yes, became a coin flip
Fool 'em sherlyns, tuckin' the shotty
Fur call Obama the snub-nose is cocky
'85 live, don't sell units
My Gucci frames shake when I bump the music
Fat laces in my Asics with the shems, the baron barely competition
Had to have them, boombox on the train you euclid stop
This is the place where people shoot the cops
Clean the sole of my timbs with cold crap soap
Rode the berg with the crown bathrobe
Leather polo patch on my state chino jacket
Pants pressed two days under the mattress
Visible ballon silk suade valleys
Smooth cat who sat back and milked the alley
Low legends with no limits
Don't give me nothing, I wanna go get it

Believe the rumors, spread the gossip
My polo wardrobe right out Ralph Lauren's closet

Sing in your raps, y'all motherfuckers rappers that sing
Sean Price, I'm an African king
Man general Muck Muck
Run, bitch, niggas'll cross end
That's what happen when you force my hand
Octoflow toxic, cock the .4, pop it
You seein' some machine guns, Dr. Robotnik
I punch thugs outta they clothes
After I punch blood outta they nose
I wrote this rhyme holdin' a chrome and a knife
Cause I don't listen to my own advice
Listen, my man push a Bentley, I don't get in his ride
If I do everybody gonna think that it's mine
Did you a favor, my nigga, get the fuck up my face
'fore this booth get stuck in your face
Everything is hot shitville
Murder scene verse, I don't watch Kill Bill, motherfucker

Believe the rumors, spread the gossip
My polo wardrobe out Ralph Lauren's closet

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