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TESTO - Jack Jones - Rags to Riches


TESTO - Jack Jones - Rags to Riches

(- Oh?- Ascolta ma dato che devo andare ad Amsterdam e tutto... ma se facessimo una canzone in inglese? - Eh da da)
(Ajo Pireddu ma vieni, ubriacone di merda)

Neither Dior nor Vlone
In my wardrobe i only got Jack and Jones (what)
Rolexes, got more than one
Nah i'm joking, i don't even have a Casio
(ah ah)

My bro Pietro Mazzieri is the perfect example of a dinosaur

Are you team Fabio or team Pire? In our class there is a civil war

What's my body count? Call me Busquets the way i score (never)
Virginity mixtape, a.k.a. platonic love (oh buono)

At long last I had a date
But she cancelled it the day before
But she bought me an ice cream
So now tell me who has won?

The level is just too advanced
The language at this point don't make any difference
Google translate? No thanks I don't need that
I see a lesbian, I have to hit her

Michael Schumacher, fuck him, i'm quicker (f1 noises)
He is a vegetable for dinner
In Florence we had to do the dog sitters

Anna ain't deep, she's just a gold digger (she belongs to the streets)
Blitzkrieg, homicides, we bury corpses
You know that we take no pauses
Visionaries, Nikola Jokic

Now I see a 10, i don't get excited
Stars' tower, welcome to the party
Thinkin 'bout homicide like Carti
I'm runnin the Clio, no '

Day in the school, let's see if you really study
Turn off the dictatum, let's see if now you can catch me

Maths tutor but still poor, no penny
No 50 cent
Only got 50 credits
The laud has no value just like the Grammys

You cannot say Fabio and forget Machu

Pureblood asshole call me Draco

Ugly, ain't no pretty Flacko
Holy as the host, so open your mouth and swallow (what)

When I rap you're White like Walter
Thriller, MJ, roller coaster
Magic pen, call me the fourth Bronte
Geoffrey Chaucer on his fifth cocktail
I run this shit since the green pass
More groupies and fans than Engel and Marx
Still no sex but nobel, Max Planck
Stink like Tommi eau de Cha-merd

I'm fresh Champ Helysee, poet like Baudelaire
Philosophe Montesqieu, genius Dupin

You hear me speedin' Leclerc
Still the best if I quote myself

Now you're beginning to know me
Even in english always the same story
We rap for fun, not for the money
We care about us fuck your ideal of glory

It's Machu on the mic, forget about Marco
Killer for hobby American Psycho
Red like Mario, loved like Spyro
We finna be Gods, like in El Cairo

I make this blow up Tyler Durden

Pushin' grannies Schopenhauer

Narcissistic just like Kanye
Hating women my will of power

You can catch me in Dam

Raping hoes so no more scams
Always in the gym but still no abs

From Pgio to Dam, from riches to rags

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